Tuesday, July 9

Event: A Relaxing Day at Nestlé Acti-V Go Lounge

It was perfect timing when I went to the Nestlé Acti-V Go Lounge event last Saturday. I was feeling burnt out from work, and I was just dying to relax a little bit.

The Go Lounge event was held at Romulo Café down in Tomas Morato area. They had the whole Romulo setup into different activity areas. It was genius because you go in and enjoy different things at your own pace.

I brought my sister with me and had a sisters' day out thing. Upon entering, we quickly registered and had personalized Nestlé Acti-V pillows made, which we had to get after the event. Then we scheduled our spa treatments. Luckily, we got in on time that we didn't have to wait. If you've been to Romulo, you know that there are different function rooms, and one of the rooms was converted into the spa area.

My sister and I got the back massage, and chose lavender as our lotion (peppermint was the other one).

After a 20-minute pampering session, we went to see some short films. They were showing Paperman, Post-It Love, Signs and Paris Je t'aime. We enjoyed it with a bag of truffle popcorn (yum!) and a cup of Nestlé Acti-V yogurt smoothie (double yum!).

After a couple of short films, it was time to eat. The table setting was lovely. The food was healthy. The dessert was of course Nestlé Acti-V, and I love it so much (and I'm not just saying that).

The event was graced by the lovely and talented Ms. Cherie Gil. I'm a yogurt lover, and I especially love yogurt with fruit in it. Nestlé Acti-V's strawberry-flavored yogurt is my kind of snack. It was then that I learned that Nestlé Acti-V is the only yogurt that has fiber, and fiber has long been proven to regulate your own biorhythms. That's a nice plus!

After the fun program, we decided to go to the craft area and design our own canvas chiller bags. My sister made the one the left. She's so smart, she made it terno with her phone case. Mine's on the right, and I just made whatever. Haha. The biggest surprise was when we went back and claim our chiller bags, and we found that it was filled to the brim with Nestlé Acti-V. Yummy! Thank you Nestlé. My sister and I had so much fun during the Go Lounge event. 

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  1. What a fun-filled day!!!! glad you gals enjoyed, your sister is very artistic too, just like you Ging!!!

  2. Woah! Creative juice really runs in the family ei! :)


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