Wednesday, July 17

Body: Unwinding at Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La

We decided to go on a weekend staycation at the Edsa Shangri-La. We were especially excited about the spa treatment that we scheduled because we heard so many good things about it.

"In traditional Chinese philosophy, ch'i or 'Qi' is the universal life force that governs well-being and personal vitality. For good health to be maintained, it is believed that ch'i must flow freely within the body and, when blocked, 'dis-ease' and illness follow."
- Chi, the Spa at Shangri-La

Come and take a look.

The waiting area has a view of the garden. You are served with a hot towel and yummy pandan ginger tea.

From the waiting room, we were accompanied through the garden, into the elevator to go to the fourth floor, where the spa is actually located. We stayed at the couples room. There is a prep room where you can go use the steam room and rain shower before the treatment. Bits and pieces reminded me somehow of my Amanpulo experience.

I had to wear this disposable thong they supplied (it's that tiny packaged black thingamajig above), and those probably were the worst fitting undies I've ever worn. I'd rather wear a loose pair of shorts.

There is something about a spa's scent that I love. I want my bedroom smelling like that all the time. The massage we had lasted for an hour. The massage was perfect because we were so tired from walking around Shangri-La mall. I was wearing heels. My body's so relaxed right after. But oily as usual. Haha.

Despite the undies they provide, I still highly recommend the luxurious spa treatments at Chi, the Spa at Shangri-La, especially with your significant other. For more of Chi's spa menu, visit here.

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  1. Would you believe I'm one of the few people who DON't like massages! Hahaha! I love spas too, facials, body scrubs maybe, but not anyone touching my body (except when you-know-what is happening!hehehe!) My hubby is HUGE fan of it though, glad you enjoyed!

    1. Hahaha! It actually took a long time for me to succumb to the joy of getting a massage by a complete stranger. I'm kinda uncomfortable about letting a stranger touch my body. I just learn to set that aside though and think about the feeling after. :)


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