Saturday, September 29

Love: Orla Kiely x Uniqlo

So, I may be already late in posting an entry about Orla Kiely x Uniqlo collaboration this Fall 2012. I am a super fan of Orla Kiely, and seeing this tie up makes me all crazy inside (in a good way, of course).

Photo credit Uniqlo
Honestly, I have never been to Uniqlo here in Manila because the only store they have is all the way in SM Mall of Asia (MOA). I never go there unless there's an event or convention happening.

This design collaboration makes me want to visit MOA just to see what Orla stuff they have. I looked at the Orla Kiely items on Uniqlo's local website, and it was a disappointment. It was all t-shirts and sleeveless tops. I do hope they have more in their store. Would any of you know?

Photo credit Elle

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Friday, September 28

Shopping: For A Cause

It's almost October, and that means it is time for Unicef Philippines' Auction For Action. There are tons of design pieces to be auctioned off. Most of the items have bidding prices that start at 40% off the regular prices, so this is your chance, design lovers. Shop for a cause. It's open to everyone -- and I mean everyone. Here is how to join the auction.

Wouldn't it be cool to get this bamboo push bike (by KawayanTech) for your 4-year old? It is light-weight and will help them develop their sense of balance. While at it, bid on the bigger Pinoy/Pinay bike too. Ride bikes with your children and enjoy the outdoors! The bench on the right, called "Crayola", is by Debbie Palao. It will be a very colorful addition to any room.

How about this colorful little birdie called the "Kookooklan" by Whoop? Very whimsical.

Look at this table by Vito Selma. It's called "Sqaure". The legs came from wooden slats that looked cut, folded and raised. When viewed directly from above, it looks like a flat square. I would love to have this in my living room. Maybe when Allie is bigger, because this one doesn't look child-proof to me. Haha.

For a preview of all the items, go to Unicef Philippines' flickr set here.

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Food: La Creperie

Here's another quick crepe-related post for all you foodies out there.

My cousin and I were waiting for my sister at Eastwood one night. We decided to pass the time by getting a quick bite at La Creperie. It's a small cafe down at Eastwood Mall.

I know what you're thinking. Crepes, again for the nth time? Yes, dears, deal with it. I can't help it. Crepes are my comfort food.

We tried two things -- the Le J.J. It was one of their savory crepes filled with ham, emmental and gruyere cheese (yum!), tomato, garlic and chili flakes. The dish was served with a leafy salad drizzled with lemon vinaigrette.

For dessert, we had La Christine, a dessert crepe filled with strawberries topped with chocolate sauce and some strawberries and whipped cream. Strawberry overload! We found it too sweet though.

I think La Creperie deserves another visit. I'll try some more of their other crepes.
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Thursday, September 27

Event: Rajo Laurel and his Shoes

There were five things I liked about last Tuesday night.

ONE. I got to go out, which I seldom do because of mommy duties. The daddy was willing to take over for one night so I can go out with my sister to the launch of Rajo! for Milanos and Rajo! for Parisian shoes.

TWO. Cafe Breton. We had an early dinner at Cafe Breton because we did not know what food they were going to serve at the fashion show. I will always have a soft spot for Cafe Breton's savory and dessert crepes. Crepes are always, always my comfort food, as you know. *wink*

THREE. Bizu. The show's caterer was Bizu. The welcoming area was like a bar complete with glowing tables, open bar, a dj, party lights and yes, yummy Bizu food.

FOUR. Rajo Laurel. I've always been a fan of Rajo Laurel. He was my top choice as my wedding gown couturier. I was away for planning my wedding then, and it seemed logistically impossible. No regrets though, I got another one of my favorites -- Monique Lhuillier.

FIVE. Shoes. I'm a girl and I love my shoes. I knew Rajo collaborated with SM Shoes last year. I didn't get a chance to check them out at SM, because I stopped looking at locally made shoe brands. WAIT, before you judge me, let me tell you, it's a bit tough to find my size in a design I love here in Manila. Every freakin' shoe I liked is only up to size 8-1/2! It's true.

Last night, I was so surprised that Rajo's shoe collection goes up to size 12, but it depends on what style (some only go up to 10).

The shoe collection itself is lovely. My first impression was that it was greatly inspired by Japanese geishas and samurais.

So here is what happened.

The pre-show event was like this.

Yummy food from Bizu -- soft shell crab in the picture. Sorry, the whole place was flooded with red and purple lights, and I didn't bring a real camera because it did not fit my clutch.

We were standing at the entrance to the show so we can get near the catwalk, but we left for just a minute to go to the washroom, and when we came back, they were already inside the show area. Talk about bad timing. Haha.

Eek, super labo.

Rajo! for Milanos

Rajo! for Parisian

Rajo Laurel

After the show, we were ushered to another space where we can look at the shoes.

One of the models

She's wearing the Midori in red/black.

Another model wearing the Samurai (in black).

Samurai and Sensei up close:

I love the black suede Kahimi, and it's less than P1,000! WAIT, lady, I'm still taking a photo!

Haay, down to three. Oops, two and a half. See? Lots of people!

The red ninja! This one only goes up to size 10.

Another view --

One of my favorites -- Kabuki.

 I went to the other side where they display the Rajo! for Milanos collection. Here's Koji.

-- and the boot counterpart.

Lots and lots of good stuff for both men and women. Everything will be available at SM department stores beginning this Saturday, September 29. See you there!

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Wednesday, September 26

Home: Jonathan Adler's Capiz Pendant Light

I am so giddy with excitement! Have you guys seen Jonathan Adler's new capiz pendant lighting? It's so beautiful. It looks like a disco ball with grace. It is so Filipino, too.

via Jonathan Adler's instagram

It looks like the capiz pendant light that my mom has at her farmhouse nook but much, much bigger.

Extra! Extra!

Oh, there are a couple more from the entrance.

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Tuesday, September 25

Fashion: Scarves, scarves and more scarves

Saying that it's too hot in the Philippines is an understatement. It is a surprise that most women professionals, and probably a few men too, own at least one scarf. I know a few who own more than ten. Yes, you got that right. Scarves in the Philippines. Crazy huh? Uhmm, maybe not.

You see, because the sun loves being close to us all year long, people here tend to wear summer clothes. But most workplaces, malls, and even churches have been copying the chilly environment of Alaska to give people a sense of relief from the blistering heat. So the moment they step in the air conditioning confines of their work building, they need something to make themselves warm. Of course, it needs to be easily removable, and yes, fashionable, too. Hence, the scarf.

It's a theory so I may be wrong. Some might just be wearing them for fashion.

Below are my favorite prints. They're all from Project Happy. (Sorry, shameless plug here. But don't you agree? They're all so pretty! Go to Project Happy's page for more good stuff.)

And, and, and -- did you know that there are more than 50 ways to tie a scarf? I found this helpful guide online from scarves dot net. Go to their site on a more detailed step-by-step instruction of each one. Think of all the possibilities!

via Scarves dot net
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Sunday, September 23

Idea: Metro Manila Cities in Type

Look what I did! Inspired by Ork posters, I decided to make a city poster in type for Metro Manila. I thought it was simple to create, but it took me a couple of days of editing and finishing (at least to my liking). Do you want one for your area too?

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Friday, September 21

Event: Unicef Philippines' Auction for Action Year 2

I was lucky enough to grow up comfortable - always had more than enough to eat, received presents on my birthday, went to school and played with my friends. In my head, I knew that other children weren't as lucky but it really wasn't something I'd think about regularly. What can you expect? I was just a kid and my parents did their best to shelter me from this reality, but it's really not something you can just hide. Back then, I just needed to look out the window of the car I was riding on the way to school and now, to the office.

Of course there are times when I'd be reminded - commercials on TV would urge viewers to donate to this or that charity, fundraising events would be held in school, and church lectures would remind attendees of how lucky we were. 

I've always believed that kids should be protected, and that each one deserves the right to a good quality of life. But I feel more strongly about this ever since I became a mother. I wanted nothing more than my child to grow up healthy and live a life full of opportunities -- to protect her. Call it mommy instinct if you will. I see other children who are not as fortunate, and my heart goes out to them.

I've heard about Unicef and how they reach out and help improve children's lives all over the world, because my parents always get those annual Unicef holiday greeting cards. But honestly, however iconic these greeting cards are, I think they've been already overdone. I am so glad Unicef started to think outside the box to generate buzz and increase funds. Last year, Unicef Philippines started their Auction for Action fundraising event.

I first heard about Auction for Action last year from, the blog of Unicef Special Advocate for Children, Daphne OseƱa Paez. Auction for Action is an online auction that showcases works of Filipino artists and designers. The proceeds benefit Unicef Philippines' programs to better the lives of children in the Philippines as well as worldwide. They raised P1.4 million during the event.

A couple of days ago, I attended the preview of Unicef Philippines' Auction for Action. The event lasted about an hour. There was a short program where Angela and Tomo from Unicef Philippines talked about their mission and their collaboration with Daphne. 

Here is Daphne talking about each item on display. They now have about 80 items to auction off and they target to raise P3 million.

After they talked, everyone was encouraged to take a look around and ask questions if they wanted to. They were all so approachable and so passionate about this program.

There were so many wonderful items that caught my interest. If I had money to spare, I will definitely bid on this amazing Michael Cacnio sculpture called Fly Up. It depicts a young boy holding a bunch of balloons up a ladder. I promise, I will have one someday in my forever house. Just wait and see.

Of course, there's the Daphne chair, which I would love to get for Allie's room, or maybe for me. In the photo  below, you can see the Daphne chair on the left, while Daphne talks about Ito Kish's award-winning Gregoria chair.

Not displayed in the showroom (but will be auctioned off) is another favorite of mine, Kenneth Cobonpue's Bloom chair. Isn't it so pretty? According to Daphne, if you order this Cobonpue piece from the store, you have to wait a while. My husband and I joked it was because you have to wait for it to bloom. Haha. But seriously, if you win the auction for this piece, you only wait while it is being shipped to you.

There are so many other beautiful stuff like jewelry, furniture, and bamboo bikes. Yes, bamboo bikes! I will try to share some photos with you before the auction becomes live on October 1, 2012. Unicef Philippines' Auction for Action is open to everyone. What's good about this event is even if you live abroad, you can still participate in the auction, and get that coveted designer piece while you help raise funds for Unicef. Now that's a win-win for everyone.

The auction can be accessed October 1-7, 2012 through

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Thursday, September 20

Design: El Ateneo in Buenos Aires

Originally known as Teatro Gran Splendid, this theater was converted into a multi-level bookstore that houses more than 700,000 books.

Can you imagine all those books under one roof? I have been fortunate enough to see El Ateneo in person, and it is beyond any book-lover's dream to visit and spend time browsing its shelves.

Countless shelves filled with books replaced the main theater seating. Most of the other architectural elements remained. The theater boxes were still there to seat people can browse through their book choices before buying.

Here, behind us is what used to be the stage. It's been converted into a cafe. Tables and chairs now fill the whole elevated space. Oh, can you spot the group who's having their picture taken too? Haha!

El Ateneo also houses music items. I spy an Imelda Marcos CD on the music shelves. It was so easy to spot because believe it or not, her CD was in front. I wonder if she is really popular in Buenos Aires.

So, if ever you go to Buenos Aires (lovely, lovely city), walk along Santa Fe Avenue and make sure to stop by this theater -- errr, bookstore.
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Tuesday, September 18

Shopping: Happy Stuff

So we started this small, online store called Project Happy. We have a collection of carefully curated items that we find cool or adorable, and we only sell products that we love ourselves. Right now, we only have 3 collections available online, but it will be appended every week with new products. So, like Project Happy's page to know more about ordering and see new products.

Watch out for our upcoming collections Happy Baby, Happy Gizmos, Happy Clothes -- soon!

Here are my favorites:

Envelope Clutch, in Slate

Scarf, in Rainforest

Brass necklace, in Origami

Like Project Happy's page
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