Tuesday, September 25

Fashion: Scarves, scarves and more scarves

Saying that it's too hot in the Philippines is an understatement. It is a surprise that most women professionals, and probably a few men too, own at least one scarf. I know a few who own more than ten. Yes, you got that right. Scarves in the Philippines. Crazy huh? Uhmm, maybe not.

You see, because the sun loves being close to us all year long, people here tend to wear summer clothes. But most workplaces, malls, and even churches have been copying the chilly environment of Alaska to give people a sense of relief from the blistering heat. So the moment they step in the air conditioning confines of their work building, they need something to make themselves warm. Of course, it needs to be easily removable, and yes, fashionable, too. Hence, the scarf.

It's a theory so I may be wrong. Some might just be wearing them for fashion.

Below are my favorite prints. They're all from Project Happy. (Sorry, shameless plug here. But don't you agree? They're all so pretty! Go to Project Happy's page for more good stuff.)

And, and, and -- did you know that there are more than 50 ways to tie a scarf? I found this helpful guide online from scarves dot net. Go to their site on a more detailed step-by-step instruction of each one. Think of all the possibilities!

via Scarves dot net
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  1. Super nice! I like best your grey bouquet scarf. =)

    1. Peachy, that is actually our bestseller. This is the second batch of stock already for grey bouquet.

  2. I love them all! Although I am not much of a scarf wearer - I have lots here, but usually I just wear them in winter. :-)

    1. Haha! With the winter conditions there, I bet! :)


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