Monday, May 23

Love: Book Crush

I am in love.

With these books.

For the longest time.

Penguin Classics
Image from

I first saw them at Anthropologie a couple of years back. I probably won't read them, but I want them on the bookshelf or the console. They just look amazing together.

Coralie Bickford-Smith designed these covers and she did an awesome job. These are the classics reinvented. The covers are made from embossed canvas... no dust jackets. Beautiful.

Penguin Classics Clothbound Series 1
Image from

Penguin Classics Clothbound Series 2
Image from

She also did the design on this series, and played with black and white on metallics.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Series
Image from

Here's another remake of the classics. This time by White's Fine Edition Books.

Images from Book by its cover

Look at how cheerful the colors of these Puffin Classics are. They're for kids.

Puffin Classics
Image from Anthropologie

I am on the hunt. Soon, you'll all be mine.

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