Thursday, May 3

Party: Photo Display

At Allie's party, I had a corner display of her weekly picture since her birth.

Photo by Resonance Photography

I used an old, white-washed birdcage, hung the photos using nylon string and tape, then decorated it further with the paper flowers I made.

Here are some other easy ways to display photos at parties:

{1} Twine / Clothespins

From casa sugar -- If your party is outdoors near some trees, get some twine and clothespins.

Image from casa sugar

{2} Clear glass containers

From bhg -- Use stuff you can find at home, like clear vases, glasses, carafes and insert a black and white photo. This is a great centerpiece idea.

Image from bhg

{3} Numbered photos

From nobiggie -- All you need are the photos and some tape. Okay, and a wall to stick them to.

Image from nobiggie

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  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    This is brilliant idea, Ging! Wala akong creativity and I really admire you for being so creative.

    1. Latak lang ng wedding preps yan. :P Thanks Sha.


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