Saturday, August 4

Crafts/DIY: Starbucks Make-Your-Own Tumbler Design

We got this tumbler for my dad from Starbucks and personalized it with a photo of him and Allie.

You can change the design of the insert inside the tumbler and make it your own. The downside? I didn't find any readily available template from the Starbucks website.

So, what I did was I scanned the insert so that it would be to size, and manipulated the design in Photoshop. Below is the final product.

Kind of blurry, but you get the point. :)
I did one for you, my dear readers. I think it's very Kate Spade-ish. Download the actual size from this link.

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  1. Great and simple idea - I'm sure your Dad loves this one!

    1. Yes, he thinks about his little granddaughter whenever he drinks coffee. :p

  2. Hi, this is such a cool idea, what size is the tumbler you bought?


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