Thursday, August 2

Food: Sugar Kisses Cupcakes

I am a red velvet cupcake fan. Back in the states, I have been loyal to a cupcake boutique that sells the most amazing cupcakes ever. Sadly, I have to let my obsession go when we moved back to the Asian tropics.

Last weekend, during Project Happy's bazaar at the new Megatent, I got to taste a little piece of heaven from Sugar Kisses by busyoven.

Oh. Em. Gee. Their red velvet cupcakes ("Red Butler") are to die for. I have found myself a red velvet cupcake favorite here in Manila, and I don't get amazed easily.

The cake is moist and soft. The cream cheese icing is not too sweet. It is just perfect. I swear, you will not be disappointed.

Here are some of their other cupcakes -- all named ever so cute ("Charlie Brown", peanut butter cupcake topped with ChocNut. "Bugs Bunny", carrot cupcake. "Mr. Brightside", quezo de bola cupcake... and others.)

via Sugar Kisses

Sugar Kisses by busyoven
+63 999 179 4806
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    1. they are super! when you visit, you have to get your hands on them Vel. :)


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