Friday, August 10

Food: Agave Mexican Cantina

It was a joint birthday celebration of my aunt and cousin. We were supposed to go to Brazil! Brazil! at Serendra, but given the pouring rain situation in Metro Manila, the majority wanted somewhere close by, so we ended up going to Agave at Morato, which was nearer everyone else except us. But since our office is just a minute away, it was alright.

I have never tried Agave before, much less heard about them. Okay, okay. My night life practically is non-existent, and I spend my weekends cuddling up with my family at home. There's definitely no shame in that. Hah!

Daddy E and Allie went too, but Daddy E was not feeling good that night, so I was the designated driver. No bottomless margarita/mojito for me. Just plain, old lemonade. I tasted the strawberry mango margarita though, and I vowed to go back and have some. *wink*

For appetizers, we had bottomless chips and salsa. They were served on this chili-shaped dish. Make sure you ask for their garlic sauce, too. Mix that with the salsa, and you get this perfect yummy dip for your chips.

We also had this crispy pork belly grande. It reminded me so much of pritchon. You put the pork strips inside a tortilla pouch, add some cucumber slices, salsa, sour cream, a bit of garlic sauce (yes, we love it so much) and maybe some chips, like what my sister's boyfriend did here.

In the midst of all the eating, an announcement was made by my cousin. Everybody hushed and she announced that she's engaged! How wonderful is that? Hmm, so that was why she was always hiding her left hand. She didn't want anybody to see the ring until the announcement. Happy, happy news.

This is our table. It's a pretty long table for our party. I was on the other side, and didn't even notice the camera, so I wasn't looking. Heehee. See? Almost everyone was holding a margarita!

Photo taken from Agave Mexican Cantina

We also had this huge platter (Plato Ultimo), full of different menu items. It had a selection of beef taquitos, chicken quesadillas, chile rellenos, steak skewers, calamari fritos, filete de pescano and baby back ribs. It was served with salsa, guac, sour cream and a variety of rice.

You know, the only part I didn't like about Agave, was the size of their tables. They were too narrow! Hmm, maybe the platters were just too huge. Haha.

But... my favorite dish so far is their beef quesadillas. Super yum.

Here's the link to their complete menu.

Visit Agave at Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood or Tomas Morato. We went to Morato, and they have free, validated parking at the basement, so that's always a plus.

Next time, I will try their steak burrito and maybe do a comparison with Chipotle, Uncle Moe's and Ristra's. :P

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  1. Look s really yummy! You know, when I first came here to the U.S., Mexican food was to at the too of my list, but it really grew on me, BAD! I even had this wild craving for Mexican when I was last pregnant! thanks for the intro, I'll sure try this next time I'm home.

    1. Heehee. :P Me naman, I miss Chipotle the most.

  2. Must try for me yung quesadillas! ;)

    1. Go! We tried both the carnitas and the steak one. The steak was better. :)

  3. Good lord, I love AGAVE! <3 your post makes me want to go back there and pig out. lol.

    1. Lol. They're giving free margaritas on August 24th. :)


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