Thursday, August 16

Design: Method Home x Orla Kiely Collab

It is times like these that I miss living in Atlanta where I can just go to my nearby Target store and buy stuff I needed wanted.

Okay, to all of you guys out there lucky enough to have a Target store (or maybe some other supermarket that carries Method Home), you have to get these Limited Edition Orla Kiely by Method Home. I will just live vicariously through you.

I am such a big fan of Orla Kiely, with her graphic prints and bold colors, and Method Home, with its simple and cute packaging. This collaboration is a match made in heaven. Well, my heaven.

Photos from Method Home website

Gel Hand Wash
Bay Leaf Gel Hand Wash

Pear Ginger Gel Hand Wash

Primrose Gel Hand Wash

Vanilla Chai Gel Hand Wash

Foaming Hand Wash

Bay Leaf Foaming Hand Wash

Primrose Foaming Hand Wash

Vanilla Chai Foaming Hand Wash

All-Purpose Cleaner

Pear Ginger All-Purpose Cleaner

Dish Pump

Pear Ginger Dish Pump

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  1. I love Method- Orla or not, I saw these last time I was at Target, but the design left was not the one i wanted. :-(

  2. Even in L.A., there's only one design left. I guess the demand is really high.


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