Wednesday, September 25


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Tuesday, September 24

Crafts/DIY: Eames Elephant

Are you a fan of Eames? Well this cute kids chair will make you drool.

Image by Design Trust for Public Space via Creative Commons
It comes in different colors. I want a couple!

Image by smowblog via Creative Commons
But for now, this paper Eames Elephant will do. I found a paper craft thingamajig online and I want to share with you how I did it.

Click below for instructions.
First, get the template from here. Print it out on a paper size you want. Since I wanted to make a black one, I printed the template on a white piece of paper, then used that as a template. The good thing about this is you can use the template again and again without having to print it multiple times.

1. I traced the cut paper on black card stock, and cut off the shapes.
2. The trick is in the shaping. You have to look at the photos of the Eames elephants above as your guide. Here are a few folding techniques.
     2a. For the head and legs, fold them loosely just to shape them. Do not crease.
     2b. Use a round stick (I used a round mechanical pencil) for shaping the ears to get that curl effect.
     2c. Sometimes, you have to fold multiple times (still loosely) to shape it perfectly.
3. Tada ---

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Sunday, September 22

Travel: A Mommy's Guide to Boracay (Part 2)

[Read Part 1 here]

Choosing the Hotel

Boracay's long beach footpath is about two kilometers. It's lined with hotels, restaurants and other establishments for tourists. There are also other beaches in the island of Boracay. But the long beach is where the action is.

During off-peak seasons, most of the hotels have promotions and packages. If you're looking for a really good deal, try and go to Deal Grocer. They have awesome rates. The downside is that they dictate when you're going. You have to buy it ahead of time, and make sure the travel dates indicated correspond to your plans.

In my opinion, Station 1 has the best beachfront in the whole long beach. If you like convenience, opt for those hotels near Station 2, where there are more restaurants and bars. The best restaurants are there, even chains. Yep, they have Starbucks too. D'Mall is there too if you fancy a bit of shopping.

As for us, we stayed at Two Seasons, which is located at Station 1. We loved our stay there. My only beef with them is that they didn't tell us that the pool was being renovated. Good thing Allie loved the beach and the waves, because if she didn't, I would have complained like crazy. Their saving grace was that their beds are AAAAHHHMAZING. They must have used a really thick memory foam topper because we slept like babies. Allie never woke up in the middle of the night. Okay, it might be because we were all super tired from walking under the sun, but still, if you're staying in a hotel, choose the ones with the best beds right?

Tip for mommies: Most hotels don't charge for kids -- beds and food. But make sure to check first because some do.

Places to Eat

Breakfast was included in our hotel stay. It was buffet style. There was not a lot of choices like other hotels we've been to, but it was enough for us. They had fruit juices, different kinds of bread and fruits, marmalade and jams, an assortment of cheese (I think I took all their brie), cereal and oatmeal, pancakes and waffles at the continental breakfast area. They also had hot food dishes like traditional Filipino breakfast (yum!) -- tocino, tapa, danggit, pancit, steamed and garlic rice, two kinds of soup, and an omelette station.

The good thing about getting breakfast at your hotel is that you can eat at 6:30 am and just enjoy the day at the beach after. Walk to Station 2 and take your pick at the restaurants for lunch. We had lunch at Hawaiian BBQ near Astoria. They have big portions and very tasty. Don't think that this was all our food. We were with our friends for lunches and dinners.

It was raining that evening, and Allie wanted orange juice so bad. Guess where we had dinner. At Yellow Cab. Haha!

The next day, we had merienda at Ti Braz, which is known for its crepes. the servings reminded me of Cafe Breton. I had some nutella crepes. The photos of the other crepes didn't turn out good. Sorry. They had a promotion that day -- 50% off all crepes. It was so worth it.

For our last dinner at Boracay, we went to Epic down at D'Mall. It's a bit pricey but the food was good. My recommendations -- Epic Nachos, Epic Burger, Epic Paella. Yummy.

Tip for mommies: If your hotel package does not include breakfast, you can purchase breakfast or choose from restaurants and cafes at Station 2. If you want familiar things, Starbucks and Cinnabon are available too. There is a McDonald's in Boracay but not on the long beach; you need to take a tricycle. Also, try to get dinner early, because more and more people go out to bars at night, and most restaurants allow smoking.

to be continued...

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Friday, September 20

Fashion: J.Crew Baby

I am a super fan of J.Crew. They have this store called Crewcuts that carry girls' and boys' apparel. I've been waiting for Allie to grow up so she fits Crewcuts. Haha. I've been wishing that J.Crew make their own baby clothing line, and my wish was granted. J.Crew Baby is out! It makes me want to have another baby.

Visit J.Crew Baby

Look at how cute their baby tunics are. I love the black and white hearts one.

Look, they have Petit Bateau and Oeuf too.

... and Salt-water baby sandals.

You know what's missing though? Stuff for toddlers.
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Travel: A Mommy's Guide to Boracay (Part 1)

Boracay has been known for its pristine waters and white sand beaches. The best time to travel there is usually December to May, when the waters are much clearer. But that usually means more tourists. We opted to go when we did (September) because we were badly in need of a vacation. We haven't gone to the beach at all this year, can you believe that?

I was praying for good weather since rain and floods have been hitting Metro Manila like crazy during this monsoon (habagat) season. We were blessed with good weather when we left Metro Manila. No rain during our flight to Caticlan.

Flight To Boracay

We booked our flight a month before traveling. I searched for flights using Skyscanner. Interestingly, PAL Express offered the cheapest rates to Caticlan. My husband and I hate airports. The process is such a hassle. But I am so glad we got PAL Express because the terminal we went to was Terminal 3, the one right in front of Resorts World. For me, it is the most convenient airport here in the metro.

If you haven't been to Boracay, you should know that there are two airports serving Boracay -- Caticlan and Kalibo. Caticlan is nearer but much smaller than Kalibo. That means smaller aircrafts are used going to Caticlan. The airplane we rode only fits two seats on each side of the aisle.

I love the Caticlan airport. It's so simple, modern and clean. I like that it's mostly white and they used the Century Gothic font (or something similar).

Tip for mommies: When choosing your schedule, go with a flight with departure at around 10:30 am. This means you don't have to wake up too early. Your toddler (and your husband) gets enough sleep. You get to Caticlan at around 11:30 am, go to the port and ride a boat to Boracay island, just in time for your resort check-in.

Land and Water Transfers

Resorts usually have land and water transfers included in their packages. They also offer them separately, albeit more expensive. The hotel we stayed at offered roundtrip transfer fees at P1800 per person. I figured we'll just be adventurous and find a way to get to the hotel once we arrive.

I'll share with you things you need to know if you're feeling adventurous too.

a.  When you land at Caticlan airport, go to the counter at the arrival section. There's just one. Register as a tourist. You fill up something like an immigration card, with information on where you're staying at Boracay and who your companions are, things like that.
b.  Buy your land and water transfer vouchers on the other end of the counter. It's pretty cheap. Our land transfer via tricycle was just P50, and the boat ride was P25 per person. We also paid an environmental fee of P75. Kids travel free. At least a two-year old does.
c.  Outside the airport, go to the queue of tricycles. It will take you to the jetty port. It's just a 5-minute ride. Give the driver his copy of the voucher.
d. At the jetty port, go to the hall marked "Boracay" (pay the terminal fee first outside); it will take you outside where the boats are. You are going to take the "catwalk" going into the boat. Don't worry, people are going to assist you. The ride to Boracay island probably took around 10 minutes. I'm not sure though. It seemed short to me.
   The boat will drop you off at the end of the long beach, although you can't see it from there. You know, a long time ago, the boats dock at the shores of the long beach depending on your resort station. I'm so glad they made a universal jetty port already. At least there were no jetties on the shore.
e. Okay, now at this jetty port, there are no vouchers. Trikes are P125 each. If you want, you can get individual fares at P25. We were really feeling adventurous so we got the individual fares. Haha. The ride was about 15 minutes from the jetty port to Station 1, where our resort was.

Tip for mommies: If you're traveling with kids, try and get an air conditioned vehicle or at the least, get a tricycle all to yourself. It will limit the number of times the tricycle will stop and lessen the possibility of your child throwing up like Allie did.

to be continued...

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Wednesday, September 18

Deals: The Body Shop Chamomile Range

I just finished my bottle of Chamomile Gentle Make-up Remover, and I went to The Body Shop to grab some more. Lo and behold, when I went to the store and checked out, instead of paying P550 for a bottle, I only paid P350 because I had the rewards card. Nice!

Until September 26, you too can get P200 off ALL Chamomile make-up remover range if you have The Body Shop's rewards card. Yay!

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Tuesday, September 17

Traveling with a Two-Year Old on a Plane

My little family of three took a quick getaway to Boracay, hailed as the Top 2 on the list of Travel & Leisure's World's Best Islands. It was our first time flying with Allie on a plane with her OWN seat. Before, we can get infant on lap airline tickets, but now that she's two, that was not an option anymore.

The ride to Boracay only took about an hour, but I had to come prepared for anything. Aside from the essentials like bottles and extra diapers, here are the things I found very useful to bring.

1. Books

My biggest concern was how she'll react to sitting on a big chair (at least for her) alone with the seatbelt on. We gave her entertainment and food to distract her from taking off her seatbelt. I forgot to bring some of her books, so I had to improvise. Luckily, there was an in-flight magazine available. Allie has a thing for reading letters, so I showed her the headlines and let her read them.

2. Snacks

I got some of her favorite snacks in case she got hungry -- m&m's, wafers and pan de sal. Domestic flights usually don't have free snacks but you can always bring stuff in. In our case, snacks doubled as backup for making Allie forget her seatbelt.

3. Lightweight, Absorbent Towel

Every time we travel, even just by car, we always make sure we bring towels. She usually vomits when the ride gets bumpy or when we're stuck in bad traffic, so I knew there was a huge possibility that she'll throw up in the plane. I brought a handy bath towel that's lightweight but absorbent. You know the microfiber kind? Yep, that's the one. I was so glad I brought it because motion sickness bags and toddlers kind of don't get along. And yes, she did throw up -- twice! In the plane and in the tricycle on the way to the hotel. I was so glad that I brought the towel with me. By the way, don't forget to bring a plastic bag to put the soiled towel in, and wash it immediately (or soak it in water and soap) once you get to the hotel.

4. Medicine

I got a list of important medicine to bring when traveling from Allie's pediatrician. During our last airplane trip, I brought everything. This time, since we were just traveling locally, I figured there's bound to be a drugstore there that will have toddler medicine. So I only took with me medication that Allie would probably need immediately: paracetamol. I really don't know why I picked paracetamol. I left the rest at home.

5. Favorite Toy

In Allie's case, it's one of her favorite dolls. She loves pretending to take care of the doll. Allie feeds her with a toy bottle, swaddles her with a hand towel, and says good night to the doll when she's sleepy. Pair it with the milk bottle, and they become the magical recipe for transforming grumpy Allie to calm Allie.

What about you moms? Do you have a list of things you bring when you travel?

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Fashion: Peter Pilotto x Target Collab

The 3.1 Philip Lim for Target collaboration has just hit the shelves, but here is another very cool collaboration heading your way. Peter Pilotto is the next big designer to come to Target. I love the fabric prints and the structure of the clothes on Peter Pilotto's collection on Net-a-Porter, and I am uber excited for the Target Spring collection. I hear they're selling clothes, accessories and swimwear from $14.99 to $79.99.

Oh, and dig this. International shoppers can go through Net-a-Porter to get some of these collab items ON THE SAME DAY. Yay for us!

Here's the teaser from Target:

Coming February 9, 2014.

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Press Release: Three Good Reasons to Fly with Tigerair

There are two airports to choose from if you're traveling to Boracay (Travel and Leisure's Top 2 of the 2013 World's Best Islands) -- Caticlan, the small airport, and Kalibo, the bigger one. 

I always choose to fly to Caticlan airport when going to Boracay because it takes much less hassle to go to the beautiful island of Boracay. From the airport to the water port, it will just take you 5 minutes. But through Kalibo, there's a longer land transfer to go from the airport to the water port. If you're not in a hurry, Kalibo might be the wise choice because going there from Manila is cheaper than going to Caticlan.

Tigerair recently launched some new services, including transfer service from Kalibo all the way to Boracay, hassle-free. You can get transfer vouchers on board the plane! When we went to Caticlan, I had to get vouchers at the airport for the land transfer, and another at the water port for the water transfer. Learning about this great new service (with a promise of low rates) from Tigerair got me excited. Traveling to Kalibo does not seem so inconvenient now. The next time I travel, I'll definitely consider going through Kalibo. And, yes, I will definitely be back!


Three good reasons to fly with Tigerair
Airline launches new services
Tiger Airways Philippines (Tigerair), Asia-Pacific’s leading value-for-money airline, recently launched three new services to make travelling and booking transactions more convenient for its passengers: mobile application for instant bookings via cellular device; book online-pay in cash, a partnership with 7/11 as an outlet for payments of flights booked online; and transfer service for hassle-free travel from Kalibo Airport to Boracay.
The Tiger Mobile Application may be downloaded free in Apple and Android devices. It allows customers to search for the best flight deals, book flights, select seats and store personal information while on the go in their respective mobile phones.
“For added security and convenience, booked flights can also be retrieved automatically via a personal 4-digit pin. The mobile application is also an easy and convenient way to rebook via Tigerair as you can store your personal information under the “my profile section” such as your name, date of birth, passport information, full address and contact information,” said Joey Laurente, VP for Commercial of Tigerair.
This official mobile application may be used for bookings to any of Tigerair Philippines’ local and international destinations. It also serves as online portal to Tiger Airways “cubs” in Singapore, Australia and Mandala.
Tigerair also announced its partnership with the country’s top convenience store, 7/11. With the tie-up, passengers of the airline can now pay in cash through any of 7/11’s more than 780 branches nationwide, thus making payment transactions of its patrons easier and more convenient.
“We realize that not all our customers have credit cards so we decided to provide this service to them,” added Laurente.
Upon booking online at, the customer will receive a booking reservation code to be presented to any 7-11 branches to facilitate the cash payment.
Lastly, the Tiger Transfer Service makes it easier for passengers to travel from Kalibo International Airport all the way to the beautiful island of Boracay via a seamless multiple transfer service at the convenience of just one ticket. To facilitate said service, Tigerair sealed a deal with Southwest Tours Boracay Inc. under a specially-priced agreement.
“Travelling with Tigerair is not just a means to get to a destination, it is the beginning of your relaxing vacation. It is our thrust to offer value-for-money services, something we are proud to say, is shown through our Tiger Transfer Service,” Olive Ramos, President and CEO of Tigerair.
Guests flying on Tigerair can purchase a Tiger Transfer Service voucher on board the plane before landing in Kalibo International Airport or through the check-in counter in the airport. It will soon be available online as passengers book their tickets.
Tigerair’s main service hub is based in Clark International Airport in Pampanga and maintains a fleet of five Airbus 320 and 319 aircraft. It is the first commercial airline to fly direct between Kalibo and Singapore and will start mounting direct flights from Manila to Phuket in September.
“Since our official entry into the Philippine skies last July 3, Tigerair has vowed to open route networks that will bring guests faster and more conveniently to major destinations and tourist attractions across the region and the Asia-Pacific,” added Ramos
Tigerair takes advantage of the region-wide brand of Tiger Airways that connects passengers to more than 50 destinations in 13 countries.  The airline reaches out to a wider market to give them access to quality airline service, thus bolstering its position as a low cost carrier (LCC) committed to bringing to its customers excellent standards of safety, security, and reliability.
Tigerair flies domestic via Terminal 4 to Manila – Cebu; Manila – Bacolod; Manila – Iloilo; Manila – Kalibo; Manila – Puerto Princesa; and Manila – Tacloban.  Its international flights include: Clark – Hongkong; Clark – Bangkok; Clark – Singapore; Clark – Kalibo; Kalibo – Singapore; and Manila-Phuket.
For more information on Tiger Airways Philippines, visit or call +632-7984488.
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Sunday, September 15

Baby: Oxo Tot On-The-Go

Even before Allie was born, I've been a fan of Oxo products for the kitchen. I am so happy when I learned they had products for babies too.

I've tried countless bottle brushes already, and I always come back to my Oxo Tot bottle brush. See, I use glass bottles by Life Factory and the wide-mouth ones by Avent for Allie, and I find some bottle brushes that do not fit in my glass bottles. Some bottle brushes have really tough bristles (these will ruin your non-glass bottles), while some others are too flimsy and has those wire hanger thingies for a handle. Sure, they come cheap, but they only last for a week. Not kidding. The bristles of Oxo Tot bottle brush are gentle enough for me, and they last long. I think one bottle brush by Oxo Tot lasts us for a year.

At home, I have the Oxo Tot bottle brush with the stand. The brush comes with a detachable nipple cleaner. It is the only bottle brush I trust completely. Oh em gee, I sound like an endorser. Haha. But seriously, I love this product. When I heard about the on-the-go drying rack, I just had to get it. The problem with bottle brushes is that most of them don't come handy when you travel.

I know for a fact that Avent has their own bottle brush and comes with a cover, which is good because the cover prevents the brush bristles from deforming. I have the Avent brush too, but they don't fit my Life Factory ones, and I'm too lazy to bring two different bottle brushes when traveling.

This Oxo Tot On-the-Go drying rack is so awesome that it fits the bottle brush when you store it (split and horizontal) or when you use it (vertical for drying). It has the "fingers" too so you can dry your bottles and nipples. It's so perfect.

I'm telling you mommies (and soon-to-be mommies), this is the way to go. If you ever come across this product, get it quick. It's going to be your best friend when traveling with your baby.

Check out:
Oxo Tot On-the-Go
Facebook page: Oxo Tot
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Saturday, September 14

Forty Weeks is on Dainty Mom

I am finally back from a quick family getaway to Travel and Leisure's Top 2 of the 2013 World's Best Islands. I'll tell you all about it soon. But first... let me share with you my excitement. My very own blog (I still can't believe it) is on Dainty Mom! Woohoo! Thank you Martine for featuring me on your Blog Love. It's an honor to get picked. Really.

So folks, go ahead and head down to Dainty Mom's super dainty blog. Read some snippets about me and my blog.

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Monday, September 9

Book Therapy at Fully Booked

I went to the soft opening of Fully Booked in Alabang Town Center a few days ago. The place is a book-lover's heaven. The building (yes, building) is located along Commerce Avenue, near Jamba Juice and P.F. Chang's. There are four floors of books, books and more books. Okay, there are other cool things too. Alabang is a place I don't frequent but I just might because of it. Take a look.

This is the interior. They have false trellis ceilings and the escalators are adorned with illustrations. The wooden floors make me want to go barefoot, walk around and browse through books. Look, they sell Kimmidolls and mt washi tapes too!

Parts of the wall also have illustrations. Haha, here's Hermione, Harry, Bella and Edward. There's also a floor dedicated to music and a whole section for comic books.

The best part of my visit? I got this pass for the 34th Manila International Book Fair 2013 at SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex from September 11-15 (10am - 8pm). See you all there book nuts!

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Saturday, September 7

Food: The GoNuts Donuts Cookie Butter and My Breakfast

When Allie and I attended the SM Kids' Fashion event last week, we took home a jar of creamy cookie butter from GoNuts Donuts. Yep, they now have their own line of spreads: Creamy Cookie Butter, Crunchy Cookie Butter, Choco Hazelnut, Creamy Choco Cookie Butter and Crunchy Choco Cookie Butter.

via GoNuts Donuts

It's as creamy as Speculoos Cookie Butter, but it's less sweet, which I like. Well, I was in the mood for an Elvis burger that time. An Elvis burger is a regular burger that has fried bananas, bacon and peanut butter. It may sound weird but I tell you, it is amazing. But since it was breakfast, all we had were pandesal, bacon, and fried bananas ... and of course, a jar of GoNuts Donuts Cookie Butter. So I came up with this.

It was pretty good! I can't wait to have it again tomorrow. Haha.
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Wednesday, September 4

Crafts/DIY: Watercolor

My love for watercolor has been renewed.

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Tuesday, September 3

Toddler: Allie and Lambie

Allie always watches Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior every day. Her favorite character? Lambie. We couldn't find any Lambie stuffed toy where we are so we got one from the US. Oh dear, now she and Lambie are attached to the hip. Lambie now sleeps beside us on the bed. Lambie goes with her on her car seat when we go out. Little princess doll even got the boot from the pink polka dot doll stroller so Lambie would get a place. Haha. It's kinda cute.

I posted this photo on Instagram and Twitter. It was a pretty sweet moment between Allie and Lambie don't you think?

Then, I got a message from Lara Jill Miller, the voice behind Lambie. Wow, it was awesome. Haha, major starstruck.

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Monday, September 2

Design: Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie

There are just so many hidden gems in Global City. I found one during the Scribble Workshop (Freehand Calligraphy) by Ink Scribbler. It was held at the function room of Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie.

The restaurant design reminded me of baroque interiors without totally overdoing it. The theme was red, white and gold all over. The walls were covered with huge black and white photographs of people having desserts. There was a huge merengue tower as a decoration surrounded by gold decor. Come, take a look inside.

Their food was yummy too!

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie
McKinley Park Residences 
3rd Avenue corner 31st Street,
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Contact No.: +632 478 4870
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat 8:00 am to 9:00 pm / Sun 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Facebook: /kitchensbest

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Sunday, September 1

Event: SM Kids' Fashion Toon Fest 2013

Allie and I went to the SM Kids' Fashion Toon Fest last Friday at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2, and it was so much fun.

The place was transformed into Toon Town, with different fashion capitals in each area: New York, London and Paris.

There were mascots too -- Betty Boop, Robbie Rabbit and Garfield. Allie kinda got scared with Betty Boop and Robbie Rabbit. Maybe it was because they had big plastic heads. She was really scared. But Garfield was alright. I bet if they had Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, she would have gotten super excited.

Kids did the fashion show. They were so adorable.

Gonuts Donuts gave some cookie butter donuts. Allie went gaga over them. She even licked the cookie butter frosting she found it so yummy. They sent us some of their snacks along with their newest creation, their very own cookie butter. I got the creamy version, but they also have crunchy and chocolate ones.

There were tons of things for kids, errrr moms (?), to do ... like this color your own shirt at the Robby Rabbit booth. They gave us a white printed shirt and some fabric markers to color. Allie was more interested with the markers than coloring. Haha. So I ended up doing it. It's cool. We got the Eiffel Tower one; it was the easiest one to color.

I'm sure you and your kids will enjoy it too.

Thanks for inviting us SM Kids Fashion. We had an amazing time!

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