Tuesday, September 24

Crafts/DIY: Eames Elephant

Are you a fan of Eames? Well this cute kids chair will make you drool.

Image by Design Trust for Public Space via Creative Commons
It comes in different colors. I want a couple!

Image by smowblog via Creative Commons
But for now, this paper Eames Elephant will do. I found a paper craft thingamajig online and I want to share with you how I did it.

Click below for instructions.
First, get the template from here. Print it out on a paper size you want. Since I wanted to make a black one, I printed the template on a white piece of paper, then used that as a template. The good thing about this is you can use the template again and again without having to print it multiple times.

1. I traced the cut paper on black card stock, and cut off the shapes.
2. The trick is in the shaping. You have to look at the photos of the Eames elephants above as your guide. Here are a few folding techniques.
     2a. For the head and legs, fold them loosely just to shape them. Do not crease.
     2b. Use a round stick (I used a round mechanical pencil) for shaping the ears to get that curl effect.
     2c. Sometimes, you have to fold multiple times (still loosely) to shape it perfectly.
3. Tada ---

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  1. I'm a huge fan and was dreaming of this elephant long ago, but alas, it was too expensive, love the little version too though!


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