Sunday, September 15

Baby: Oxo Tot On-The-Go

Even before Allie was born, I've been a fan of Oxo products for the kitchen. I am so happy when I learned they had products for babies too.

I've tried countless bottle brushes already, and I always come back to my Oxo Tot bottle brush. See, I use glass bottles by Life Factory and the wide-mouth ones by Avent for Allie, and I find some bottle brushes that do not fit in my glass bottles. Some bottle brushes have really tough bristles (these will ruin your non-glass bottles), while some others are too flimsy and has those wire hanger thingies for a handle. Sure, they come cheap, but they only last for a week. Not kidding. The bristles of Oxo Tot bottle brush are gentle enough for me, and they last long. I think one bottle brush by Oxo Tot lasts us for a year.

At home, I have the Oxo Tot bottle brush with the stand. The brush comes with a detachable nipple cleaner. It is the only bottle brush I trust completely. Oh em gee, I sound like an endorser. Haha. But seriously, I love this product. When I heard about the on-the-go drying rack, I just had to get it. The problem with bottle brushes is that most of them don't come handy when you travel.

I know for a fact that Avent has their own bottle brush and comes with a cover, which is good because the cover prevents the brush bristles from deforming. I have the Avent brush too, but they don't fit my Life Factory ones, and I'm too lazy to bring two different bottle brushes when traveling.

This Oxo Tot On-the-Go drying rack is so awesome that it fits the bottle brush when you store it (split and horizontal) or when you use it (vertical for drying). It has the "fingers" too so you can dry your bottles and nipples. It's so perfect.

I'm telling you mommies (and soon-to-be mommies), this is the way to go. If you ever come across this product, get it quick. It's going to be your best friend when traveling with your baby.

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