Tuesday, September 3

Toddler: Allie and Lambie

Allie always watches Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior every day. Her favorite character? Lambie. We couldn't find any Lambie stuffed toy where we are so we got one from the US. Oh dear, now she and Lambie are attached to the hip. Lambie now sleeps beside us on the bed. Lambie goes with her on her car seat when we go out. Little princess doll even got the boot from the pink polka dot doll stroller so Lambie would get a place. Haha. It's kinda cute.

I posted this photo on Instagram and Twitter. It was a pretty sweet moment between Allie and Lambie don't you think?

Then, I got a message from Lara Jill Miller, the voice behind Lambie. Wow, it was awesome. Haha, major starstruck.

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