Tuesday, February 28

Party: The Invitations (Part 2)

A couple of posts ago, I shared the invitation design with you guys. But that's just half of it. I had to add a location map with the main invitation because the event place was not a well-known choice for birthday parties.

My in-laws are avid golfers, and they usually play at the Navy Golf Club in Fort Bonifacio. My MIL suggested to have Allie's party there since they already are familiar with the place, the food and the service. We had lunch there before, and their food reminded me of nice home-cooked meals, which I really prefer for Allie's party. And so we agreed to have Allie's party there.

But back to the map design, I incorporated another element to my Lilly theme -- giraffes! I just love how it turned out. :)

I still gave paper invites in addition to the one I sent through social networking. Why? Because I love doing paper invitations and I know there are people out there (like me) who love receiving them.

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