Saturday, July 30

Design: Alyssa's Baptism Mood board

Moving from Atlanta to Manila was a horrific experience for the moving (without movers) haters like us. We had six years of living in the US accumulated into 40 or so boxes, not including the huge luggages we brought with us. We had them shipped to Manila from the US and we are still waiting for more than half of the shipment.

Hmm, you're probably wondering why I'm ranting about our moving experience. Well, most of my craft equipment and supply are in those very same boxes, and planning baby Alyssa's baptism became harder for me. Good thing the best sisters and aunts one can ever have are here to help.

In Manila, baptism is sort of mandatory for babies. My baby is now a bit more than 4 months old, and my parents have been adamant to get her baptized asap since she has been already traveling with us. Baptism is very important in the catholic religion that most parents have their infants baptized as early as a few weeks old.

Anyway, here is the inspiration mood board that we came up with for her baptism celebration.

1. Color palette   2. Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Pom-poms  
3. Hand-drawn map from Occasions Niagara
4.  Christening invitation from Tiny Prints
5. Pink meringue kisses from Bakers Royale

More soon!
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Thursday, July 28

Design: One Farmhouse (Part 1)

Have you ever dreamed of getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city like Manila anytime you want? My folks made it happen. It all started with a tiny farm lot with several mango trees situated in Pangasinan, somewhere in the northern part of the Philippines.

They collected used hardwood pieces like narra, kamagong (ebony) and molave from old houses, and recycled them as flooring, beams, columns, etc. They also made use of capiz shells for the windows.

The house's entrance has a bridge connecting the garage area to the main door. Take a look closer and you'll find that there is a small moat under the bridge. This serves as extra drainage system from the excess water from too much rain that the Philippines usually get... and from the water feature on the side wall on the right.

The entrance to the house is surrounded by a couple of trees. My mom put up outdoor lanterns on the trees that resemble lit fruits. There is a wishing well on the left, which is where the excess water passing through the moat goes to.

Here's the wishing well up close. It comes with a pail. It has a screen to prevent accidents from happening, although it's not very deep.

The door has inlays of ebony wood, and capiz transoms. The sides are made of slender bamboo poles (I think, I might have to confirm with my designer dad). The side slats are made from yakal (another hardwood).

Yes, there is a waterfall on the side stone wall. It has pockets of plants and a seating area too.

My feeble attempt at using a slow shutter speed:

I really love the effect of using a slow shutter speed...

More stuff from this one farmhouse soon.

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