Monday, April 1

Food: Cyma Greek Taverna

I thought this little Mediterranean spot, Cafe Agora, in Atlanta ruined it for all other Greek restaurants. I tried to keep an open mind. Coming back home in the Philippines, I decided to give Cyma a try because my sister always, always rave about it. She once had some salad to go, and I got to taste it. I forgot what it was called but hmm, I must say I was not impressed.

A few months later, the hubby and I decided to get a quick bite at Cyma. I wasn't expecting much because of my previous experience with their food, but I decided to try it again anyway. This time, I will order on my own and figure it out myself.

First off, I decided to get Watercress Salad, made with fresh watercress, blue cheese, sweet pears, walnuts, Romaine lettuce and some summer herb vinaigrette. Solo P300, Sharing P450, Family P630

As it turns out, this is one of the best salads I have ever had. It is super good I tell you. Even my husband who thinks vegetables are not food (lol) liked it. I can eat it every day.

Next up, the Paidakia. Cyma claims this entree as their best-seller. Paidakia is char-grilled lamb ribs, served with your choice of side marouli salata, spanakorizo, rice-stuffed peppers or Greek roasted potatoes. P690

We loved it. The ribs are tender, and the potatoes (our choice for the side) is yummy. I will definitely order this next time.

Souvlakis are Greek Shish Kabobs. This one is skewered chicken with fresh veggies served with parsley salad and yogurt garlic sauce. It has a grilled warm pita on the side too. Very light and very tasty. P340

As we were on diet mode, we decided to skip dessert, which was good because I will only compare it to the best baklava I've ever tasted and the meal would have been ruined. Overall, I think Cyma the second time around was a very good decision, and right this moment, I would certainly go for a third and a fourth and a fifth.

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  1. I like to try the salad. Mukhang masarap, ging! :)

    1. Peachy, I'm sure you'll love it!

  2. I miss you posts mommy G! Glad you tried this resto again or we wouldn't be hearing about it!

    1. Vel, I forgot to schedule posts ahead of time, and I was traveling. Haha! I will be posting some more soon. :)


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