Friday, April 5

Food: Mr. Moo

On the way back from Tagaytay, we stopped by Mr. Moo. It's a dairy store just by the highway. It's called Mr. Moo, but they have dairy products from cows, carabaos and goats.

Mr. Moo's products are "hand-squeezed by farmers, guaranteed fresh from haciendas," and "organically fed farm animals."

Here's their menu board.

We always get fresh milk and jumbo pastillas (milk candy) whenever we go to Tagaytay. Fresh milk because fresh milk at the grocery is rare. Pastillas to get our fix. Yummy!

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  1. Will definitely try this out when I go home! My mom recently purchased a property in Tagaytay and for sure, we will be there often whenever we get home. :-)

    1. Nice! :) There are so many restaurants to try too!


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