Wednesday, November 14

Inspiration: Vertical Gardens

I am loving the fact that MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) put up small vertical gardens at P. Tuazon underpass. They are waaaaay better than paintings, in my opinion. I just wish they would do something about the tiles.

Vertical gardens are becoming the rage I believe because of the rising costs of land and man's need for greenery. One of the most celebrated vertical garden designers (if not the most) is French botanist Patrick Blanc. His works include the one located at Icon Hotel, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. It's my favorite installation so far. Did you hear my jaw drop?

Photo credit Patrick Blanc via

About:blank created this living wall in the offices of stelmat in Brazil. Can you imagine this wall greeting visitors in your office?

Photo credit About:Blank
Then there's this other living wall installation in an office again. But this time, it's a replica of New York's Central Park. It's at The Open Planning Project Offices designed by Parker Urban GreenScapes and LTL Architects. How cool is this?

via Design*Sponge
Finally, here is a garden building (Quai Branly Museum, Paris, France)... literally. It's another Patrick Blanc installation.

Photo credit Patrick Blanc

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  1. This is awesome, and it's about time!

  2. Way better than the murals, since greeneries contribute to a cleaner air


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