Wednesday, November 21

Food: Tagaytay's Bag of Beans

A few weekends ago, we went to Tagaytay to have brunch at Bag of Beans. Our first time there was during a friend's wedding. The second time around, we wanted to bring Allie with us so she can enjoy the cool weather of Tagaytay.

We went on a Saturday, and took our time going there so we can still get to relax. When I say we took our time, we really took our time. Tagaytay was about 2 hours from our house, and that being said, we got there 2:30 pm. Haha! The brunch buffet was until 3:30 pm only. It was cool though because lunch time at Bag of Beans on a weekend is usually packed. While we were there, there were only around 4 to 5 tables filled, and still lots of food.

This is the dining area for the brunch buffet. That whole strip at the back and the side is full of food -- including yummy Filipino breakfast food, pasta, soup, and lots of desserts.

In case you were wondering where those people are looking at, they are looking at this group of students performing at the entrance. They were dressed in red plaid uniform.

I don't know what kind of instrument they were playing.

Allie had a lot of fun walking around the empty tables.

She loved the chocolate cupcake (and her daddy).

She had her first taste of halo-halo.

Mommy, it's too cold!

Here's the view from our table.

Take a look at some of the details. Their lights are so like Jonathan Adler's lamps.

Those hanging fabrics gave the place a soft touch. They reminded me of sarongs.

Here is another capiz lamp in a different shape.

Right above the entrance were colorful bottles that I am so tempted to DIY. If only I have enough time.

So pretty.

The table centerpiece was a simple bunch of grass placed on top of a shimmery / velvety brocade table runner. Maybe they should change the table napkin holder. It seemed old.

Other tables have these globes.

The door to the other dining area has a handle made of ornate wood.

There's a myna bird near it.

That doorway leads to this.

The brunch buffet in Bag of Beans is about P500. I say it's worth it if you come in hungry. Otherwise, stick to their a la carte menu.

After eating, we stayed at their lounging area first.

It looks like this.

Allie kept on playing with our totes umbrella.

On the way home, we stopped by Mr. Moo's to buy some fresh chocolate milk, and lots of pastillas.

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  1. Nice! You should try BAWAI's next time, my friend's parents own the place, Vietnamese cuisine in Tagaytay. :-)

    1. Great! We'll do that next time. We love Vietnamese food. :)

  2. Those colorful bottles are so pretty!

  3. Hi Ging! I always read your posts but I got excited when you mentioned BoB! No need to explain why no? :D Thanks for posting and I always watch out for Allie's new pics. She's truly adorable :)

    1. Hi Rochelle! Haha bakit kaya? Thanks for reading!


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