Thursday, August 14

Crafts/DIY: Dinosaur / Lizard / Frankenstein Gift Wrap

This week's gift wrap theme is dinosaur-inspired. Well, it turned out like an iguana. Haha. At least they're in the same family of lizards. On second thought, it kinda looks like dino-Frankenstein. Oh well.

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Monday, August 11

Crafts/DIY: Orange Jasmine a.k.a. Kamuning Paper Flowers

I tried my hand on dyeing my own tissue paper for my paper flowers and this is the first time that I used a Philippine flower as inspiration. We have a lot of kamuning plants (or orange jasmine) on the front of our house. I love it when they're in bloom because they really smell good.

A few weeks back, I dyed some tissue paper to give them a little blush. I decided to use this to make my paper kamuning. I know, I know, kamuning flowers are white, but I wanted some pink in it too.

I tried it out on a few flowers first. They turned out cute so I kept going.

Here's a bunch of them.

Now, with leaves.

Small flowers like these are actually a bit more difficult to make than medium-sized ones because of their size, but seeing them all together just makes it worth it. 

Happy Monday!

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Wednesday, August 6

Crafts/DIY: Bumblebee Gift Wrap for Toddlers

Here's another gift wrapping inspiration for you. I made this for Allie's classmate who I hope had a wonderful Bee-day last week. 

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Wednesday, July 30

Crafts/DIY: Wrap Gifts for Toddlers

There are about 30+ kids in my daughter's school. Although the teacher-to-student ratio is just 1:7, everyone in school is invited whenever kids have birthday parties. You can just imagine how many birthday parties my daughter goes to. The first birthday party gift is easy enough to wrap. I just took whatever wrapper was available in my house. 

Eventually, I had to be more creative in wrapping the gifts because I wanted them to be different each time. I'm on my third birthday this week, and I think I've finally figured out how I can make unique and cute wrappers by just investing in a few materials -- plain sheets of double-sided kraft paper.

Inspired by saksblogg's Instagram page, I created this cute owl gift wrap, and I loved how it turned out.


1. Light blue/kraft two-sided paper: National bookstore
2. White bond paper, punched using EK 2" circle punch: Scratch paper from home
3. Black crepe paper for eyes, cut manually: National Bookstore
4. Gold crepe paper for beak, cut into a triangle: National bookstore
5. Scrapbook paper for head, fringe-cut: Gourdo's

I'll definitely be making more cute animal gift wraps. I hope this inspires you too. Have fun wrapping!
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Saturday, July 26

Body: Style Origin 2014 from My Point of View

I've always admired ramp models and fashion bloggers. They just exude that special confidence. Models walk like it's nothing. Fashion bloggers post their own photos on their blogs. I am neither of the two. First, I don't have the height and the body to become a model. I'm 5'5" and I weigh ... uhm, let's not talk about specifics. Fine, I'm a size US 4 for tops and 6/8 for pants. Second, I haven't dwelled too much on the idea of becoming a fashion blogger, and it's really because I feel insecure about my body, especially after I've given birth to Allie. I know I shouldn't but I really do. Although I'm almost at my pre-pregancy weight, I don't think I'll ever have my pre-pregnancy body ever unless I have plastic surgery.

Mommies, you know what I am talking about -- stretch marks, preggy tummy fat, and oversized hips. Oh yeah, put that bigger boobs on that list, too. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually prefer smaller ones. Don't tell me husband I said that. Haha.

I've tried quite a few workouts - I had a personal trainer at the gym once upon a time, then I tried anti-gravity yoga, then just plain yoga, and more recently, crossfit. Nothing kept me going. Going to the gym just makes me super hungry afterwards, and I actually gained weight from it. I had a bad experience with anti-gravity yoga -- never again in a million years. Ordinary yoga was kinda alright, and I'm willing to try it again. But crossfit and my body are still incompatible as of today. I will try it again soon when my body's stronger, but not yet. It's too strenuous for me. But I am about to embark another fitness regimen to make my body more fit and leaner. I'll talk about that next time.

A few weeks back in June, I got invited to guest at a fashion show for Style Origin that was held in Trinoma. I figured it was going to be fun, and I get to tackle my body insecurity head on. So I joined. Well, I was in for a big surprise. I didn't expect it to be big, BIG. But it was BIG. I walked the ramp with professional models, fashion bloggers and celebrities. Oh my gosh. It was even directed by Mr. Robbie Carmona himself.

First, I got to pick my own clothes from Ensembles, a local brand that I really like. We were asked to bring our own shoes, so that really helped my confidence. Then, I met with my fellow bloggers and practiced walking. Eek, I think I was the most inexperienced one. But I told myself, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. 

I had my hair and make-up done by the Shiseido team. They transformed administrative offices to temporary hair and make-up studios. The place was insanely busy. So yeah, I felt really out of place, and my insecurity was just building up. My consolation that time was that my make-up artist told me I had really, really good skin. He even asked me what products I use.

Okay, so when the time came for us to go backstage, the professional models and celebrities were there with us.  The organizers were arranging the clothes to be worn by the models. It was crazy messy. It was like they were having a warehouse sale. Well, that, and there were tons of abs everywhere. Yes, those abs made me forget about the butterflies in my stomach for a moment.

I was the first blogger to walk, and I was still getting the jitters at the last second. Bloggers walked alone. I came after these beautiful, skinny models. Thank goodness, I was able to go through with it. Here's proof that I was there. Haha.

Yes, I know I probably was the one with the fattest body who walked. I felt like it too. I learned not to care what other people think by then, as long as I feel comfortable and beautiful like the Dove women that I see on commercials, I'll be fine. Just keeping it real folks. Besides, I think I was the only mommy blogger there, so kudos to me. Haha.

I'm glad I joined. I felt I could do anything. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

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