Monday, October 8

Design: 'Alyssa' Moodboard

Congratulations to all the winners of the Auction for Action by Unicef Philippines. They raised about P2.85M for the kids. It is such a worthy, worthy cause. You get to shop for a designer piece and get to help, too.

I was eyeing the Daphne chair by Daphne Oseña-Paez. But the bids have overtaken my self-imposed limit of spending on the Daphne. I knew it was going to be a competitive bidding, because it's such a pretty chair. Sigh. Too bad. Maybe I'll just buy it direct from Dimensione.

Copyright Unicef Philippines Auction for Action / Daphne Oseña-Paez

I created a moodboard for a little girl's bedroom/playroom for Allie when she's a bit older and can use a big girl's bed already. I started with the Daphne chair piece, and went on from there.

I wish there were more accessible online furniture stores (with professionally taken pictures I hope) here in Manila. I would happily browse through them before going to the brick-and-mortar store that has the item/s I wanted. That way, I would not be wasting my time passing through horrendous traffic, then finding out the store doesn't have what I like. Wouldn't that be a great sales booster? Sadly, I haven't encountered one yet, so I used mostly international brands in this final board. Good news for my US readers, right? The Daphne chair, though, is a Filipino brand, and I don't know if it can be shipped internationally.

Here are the details:

[1] The Daphne chair: I love the way it looks. It is so playful, girly and it reminds me of castles and princesses. Although it comes in a variety of colors, I chose this cream color so it can match any color palette. Available at Dimensione.

[2] The color palette: For this room, I chose Martha Stewart's Milk Glass Pink for the walls -- a bit muted but you can still recognize its pinkness when contrasted with white. I picked candy pink, aqua and grass green for the room accessories, but stuck with mainly white furniture.

[3] Bin box organizer: Ikea's Trofast storage combination in white, with green, pink and white bins is a perfect storage for this playroom. It provides easy cleanup -- just toss and slide. It matches the palette too.

[4] Bed, sheets and pillows: I just love this Brighton Daybed from Crate & Barrel. It has that cottage vibe going on, but it still matches the overall theme of the room. For the sheets, I chose this blush pink print from Pottery Barn Kids called 'Grace', which has fairy tale illustrations on it. Perfect! Then, I went with this pink Rose decorative pillow from PBTeen. It softens the linear nature of the daybed.

[5] Printed curtain panels: This Soraya curtain from Anthropologie is very whimsical. The panel is printed with a fun line drawing of flowers, leaves and lots and lots of scallops.

[6] Rug: I always put a rug in a bedroom. It softens the place and brings everything together. I chose this Land of Nod rug called Bright Braids because it's so colorful, and when you looks at it up close, it is made of braids. So feminine!

[7] Mini chandelier: I love this one. I think it brings a subtle elegance to the room, and complements the gold detail of the Daphne chair. The mini chandelier is from Shades of Light, and I chose white metal so it contrasts the walls but not the ceiling (I recommend painting the ceiling an off white color). If you don't want to splurge, what you can do is hunt for an old mini chandelier in thrift shops or garage sales, and you can just spray paint it white. Good as new!

[8] Anywhere chair: Okay, I am biased here, but I love love love Pottery Barn Kids' Anywhere Chair. So here it is, in green mini dot with white piping. I added some owl plush toys too, also from Pottery Barn Kids.

[9] Playtent: Here's another one from The Land of Nod. It's their teal polka dot Play Canopy. It's a perfect addition to any kid's bedroom to encourage imagination.

[10] Monogram Art: This 'A' monogram is a diy piece. The font I used is Century Gothic, in color pink on an aqua background. I simply added mini dots on the letter. I opted to use gold frame to match the Daphne chair gold detail.

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  1. this is darling - I hope you can find, or have similar stuff made there to make this room real for Alyssa! :-)

  2. Thanks Vel. Bummer with the Daphne chair that I didn't win in the auction -- that one needs to be an original. The others are inspiration pieces that I can have a similar one made. Easy lang here. :)

    1. I did not make it on time for the auction, hassle the changing address and everything, and the credit card payment address was an issue too. hopefully, next time they would think abou US residents with Philippine addresses too. :-(I bid on the Balmes painting and they declined my bid. :-(


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