Thursday, October 25

Crafts/DIY: Dressing Up Wooden Utensils

I got this pack of wooden spoons and forks. You know, just for fun. I wanted to decorate some of them.

Last August, I went to this rubber stamping crafternoon party hosted by Alessa and Mansy. They decorated this wooden fork with stamps. Dang, they beat me to it! Haha, no, I'm just kidding. They are the most creative people I know.

I decided I've procrastinated long enough. I decorated my utensils two-way. One, with an accessory attachment, and another without. I can't wait to have another party. Haha!

{1} Plain wooden utensils, accessorized with a graphic napkin tied together with baker's twine.

Graphic table napkin from Privet House by Target;
Baker's twine from Divine Twine

{2} Wooden utensils decorated with washi tape.

Washi tape from Saizen

How did you decorate yours?

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  1. so cute, love the one with the Washi tape!

  2. Hi. Would you happen to know the supplier of these wooden utensils?

    1. Hi, Issa. I bought them at the local supermarket. :)

  3. Hi! Where did you buy the utensils and how much? i've been wanting to use it as our giveaway for the wedding.. Thanks. :)

    1. I got them from the supermarket

  4. Hi, where did you exactly bought the wooden utensils?


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