Tuesday, April 1

The Ants Go Marching One By One

And then there were ants -- on the floor, on the walls, on the counter. Have you ever had this problem? They're not swarming or anything. Just random ants going around. They say it's because of the weather change. Well, it doesn't matter; I never liked ants in my house. My daughter is allergic to their bites and that makes it worse.

Image by QFamily via Creative Commons
They even ransack some snacks in the pantry. One tip my aunt taught me was to put sweet snacks on a cake stand and place that on a plate with water. The ants will never be able to cross that lake. Genius right? Well, yeah but I only have one cake stand and tons of sweet snacks. Hahaha.

So, I've asked people and scoured everywhere how to get rid of ants naturally, and here's a list of kid-safe and pet-safe home remedies of ridding your house of these pesky little things.

Baking Soda + Powdered Sugar

Mix one part baking soda and one part powdered sugar on a saucer, and place it in areas where the ants are. Powdered sugar attracts; baking soda kills. Ants have acid in their system that reacts with the baking soda and yeah, kaboom. I tried this and ants were gone in about a couple of hours. But you have to change the supply every so often because of the humidity.

Essential Oils 

Using water sprays with a few drops of essential oil (peppermint or cinnamon) on any possible entry points around the house will not only deter ants from going through but it will leave our house smelling so good.


All you got to do is place a plate of cornmeal in places where the ants are entering your home and they'll be gone in about 3 days.

These are just the top three I felt safest and would work. Well, if all else fails, you can always call pest control.

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  1. We had a really bad ants infestation when we moved into our apartment last October. They weren't little ants that show up here and there, but swarms of big ants that come out of the area where the kitchen faucet is mounted on. What we did was we bought the ant-killer chalk (don't know what that's called) and drew a circle around the tube of the faucet. Whenever the ants tried to cross the circle, they die. We only had to do it once. After that, the ants never came out. They either died in hunger or they found a different hole to crawl out of. :D

    But I'm taking note of the baking soda + sugar mixture. I think that's safer esp. with kids around.

  2. Gonna try these, problem din sa bahay yung ants eh. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Gotta try the baking soda idea, don't want to use my essential oils for this problem, on the other hand, it may make my home smell better ;-)

  4. Ant are so annoying, but not as annoying as mosquitoes! LOL!! Thanks for sharing your tips.


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