Tuesday, April 15

Travel: Airplane Rides with a Toddler

We first travelled with Allie on a plane when she was just three months old. Look at those chubby cheeks and those folds!

It was easy breezy. Let me tell you why.
[1] We got to board the plane first. 
[2] We scored the seats with extra legroom up front with the bassinet access. Downside was we had nowhere else but on the luggage compartment above to put our carry-ons.
[3] She was such a darling on the plane. She slept the whole way across the ocean.

Her second airplane trip was when she was a year old. We went on an Alaskan cruise.

It was a bit tougher because the night before our flight to San Francisco, Allie had a high fever. It was a good thing that we packed all kinds of meds for emergencies, including paracetamol, so we were prepared. She still slept a lot on the plane but she threw up during the ride. At the hotel, she slept some more. I think she rested for a good 24 hours, and she was fine after that. Whew.

Her third airplane ride was a short one. It was a domestic flight to Boracay. She was two then, and you know how two-year olds are. They test your patience to infinity. She didn't want to buckle up so we had to force her. She cried and cried and cried. Terrible. But she slept halfway there, and didn't throw up (on the plane, that is). We had to ride this trike to get us to the hotel, and she threw up there. I guess uneventful travels don't exist in our trips.

Our most recent trip lived up to that expectation. The ride had two stopovers, one in Japan and another in Detroit. She threw up, yes. Twice pa. Poor baby. The first time I had to wash her pants in the plane lavatory so that her pants won't smell. We almost made it to Detroit when she threw up (on me pa!) while waiting for the door to open. Poor baby and poor mommy. I had to wash and wipe my clothes in the plane lavatory before leaving the plane, and change my daughter's clothes too.

I really need tips (besides giving anti-histamine) on how to help prevent kids from throwing up in the plane. Seriously.

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  1. There's really no stopping this Ging... most meds for vomiting or dizziness is still too strong for Allie. Sleeping thru out the trip is the best way to go, wether or not you use benadryl. I had a horrible flight too with Aidan when he was 2, cried all the way, non-stop, flight attendants helped me and my nanny so we could take turns sleeping, it was horrible. Distraction is another good thing to make sure she has going too. Good luck going back...

  2. Awww. We're flying again pretty soon, and I hope she'll be alright then. Thanks Vel!


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