Friday, February 4

Crafts/DIY: Paper Fortune Cookies



Chinese food always reminds me of fortune cookies. For all non-foodies out there, I found a how-to video (you can also press play below) on making fortune cookies out of paper. I think paper fortune cookies are way prettier than the edible ones (of course, the edible ones are yummier). :P

Photos courtesy of my craft-loving sister, V.

I have a post on Chinese takeout boxes here to accompany these cute paper fortune cookies. Check it out.

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  1. These are adorable!

    They would be so much fun to make for a Valentine's Day party with pink/red/hearts paper!

  2. They are super easy to make too. Have fun!

  3. really cute fortune cookies! hope i can do some for my sons bday!

  4. Hello,

    I am writing to you from Stylelist Home, the Huffington Post's new site devoted to design and DIY. We have a daily feature called 'Craft of the Day' and would love to use your fabulous paper fortune cookies! We'll give full attribution and credit to you, including link-outs to your site. Would this be okay? Please let us know!


    Kaitlyn (

    Your post:

  5. Kaitlyn, sure you can use it. Link away! :)


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