Monday, February 21

Baby: The Ride

It's time again to do another post on the baby topic and share with you how we chose our baby stroller. For the past few weeks months... no, maybe since we figured we got pregnant, we've been on the lookout for the ultimate stroller that fits our needs.

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We drowned from all the stroller types we found in baby stores. Being the clueless mom-to-be, I did not know that there were tons of choices out there.

According to Stroller Advisor, there are 8 types of strollers:

  1. Umbrella strollers
  2. Lightweight / mid-sized strollers
  3. Travel systems
  4. Universal car seat carriers
  5. Multi-function strollers
  6. Active strollers (all-terrain / jogging)
  7. Multi-child strollers
  8. Carriage / prams
Images from Babies R Us and stroller Manufacturers.
1. Amy Coe Umbrella Stroller, 2. Graco Metrolite Stroller, 3. Chicco Cortina Travel System, 4. Baby Trend Snap 'n Go Stroller, 5. Bugaboo Chameleon, 6. Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller, 7. Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller, 8. Inglesina Classica Pram

We had to trim the list. Here's how we did it:

* We are having our first baby, so umbrella strollers are out - they're not suitable for newborns. Multi-child strollers are out too since we're only having one baby... at least for now.

* We want something that can last the baby even after infancy. Off go the snap and go and the pram. I don't want to buy another stroller when my baby won't fit the infant car seat or the pram anymore.

* Budget is also in our list, so luxury multi-function strollers that cost more than $500 are out of the question.

* We want the option to go outdoors, probably jog too, so lightweight strollers and travel systems will not work for us.

And the winner is... #6! The active stroller. We further trimmed the choice down to the all-terrain stroller, and cut-off the jogging stroller from our list, since we are not really serious joggers, and wanted the alternative to have the front wheel move for easy maneuvering (jogging strollers have their front wheel locked). Also, jogging strollers have bigger wheels and therefore bulkier. 

In the end, we chose...
... (drum roll please)... the Bumbleride Indie in Lava!

We really love the Bumbleride Indie. First, it meets our needs. We can use it for leisurely walking on the pavement, in the mall, or wherever... it's all-terrain, baby. We can also take Baby A with us for a short jog since the wheels are filled with air, and the front wheel may be locked as well. Second, the seat can be fully reclined for babies, and it is compatible with different brands of car seats too. Third, we love the modern style of the Indie. It looks so cool. Fourth, it's easy to maneuver, lightweight and I can fold it! Fifth, they have amazing customer service. They reply within a day, I promise! Sixth, and probably the most important one, I haven't heard any brand recall for the Indie.

So, even if the price of the Indie looms around the $500 price point (including tax), I say it's still a good deal because it comes with a ton of standard accessories - at least for the 2010 model anyway. The box includes an air pump, jogging strap, cup holder, head rest, multi-use bumper that serves as the car seat adapter as well, and a rain cover. Most other brands, you may need to pay extra.

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