Saturday, August 13

Design: Alyssa's Baptism Invitation

This is the inspiration for Alyssa's baptism invitation:

It's from Tiny Prints. They have amazing stuff. But for Alyssa's baptism, I pictured something simpler and no hints of christening items like booties, cross or gown.

I asked my sister to design one for me using the colors above. She knows how I love patterns and scalloped squares, and here is what she came up with.

I blocked out the rsvp information.

Looks good right? I have a really talented sister. :)

We printed it on textured cardstock, paired it with an event map I drew (which I will share later on), put it in an envelope... and it's done!

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Friday, August 5

Crafts/DIY: Merengue Merci Favors


My daughter's christening reception celebration was held at a French cafe. I wanted to give favors that would stick to the French theme. My first choice though was to give away macarons.

Image from Cannelle et Vanille blog

Aren't they lovely? The photo's from one of my favorite blog reads, Cannelle et Vanille. I had a big problem though. I didn't know how to make macarons, and making them according to everyone requires hardcore baking skills, which, again, I do not have. Another option was to buy them from a bakery and it was too expensive. So, macarons are off the list. Maybe next time I'll give them as favors when I learn how to do it.

Image from Bakers Royale

I read somewhere that merengue cookies were also French-y in nature. They were much easier to bake, and less expensive to buy. Buying a piece of macaron lets you buy more than a dozen merengue cookies. At first, I decided to just bake them but luckily, I found a store that sells merengue cookies with the right colors. I just needed to repackage it.

Here is the breakdown of the things I used to come up with the merengue favor gift bags (for 60 people):

  • Merengue cookies (180 pieces) : $11.25 
  • Food-grade cellophane bags with square bottom : $7.50
  • 1 roll 1/2" pink satin ribbon : $4.00
  • 10 pieces textured boards for "merci" cards : $1.00
  • Plastic sealer : borrowed
  • TOTAL : $23.75
I borrowed my mom's plastic sealer, which I think is awesome. It kept the merengue cookies dry in Manila's very humid weather. 

Anyway, that equals around $0.40 per person. Okay, keep in mind folks that these are Manila prices. But, I bet it's going to be as cheap if you DIYed your party favors. Buy your materials from Michael's or even Amazon. Just plan in advance and borrow big-ticket items if you have to.

I'll share the merci cards template next time!
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