Friday, March 30

Party: DIY Grown-up Favors

It all started with this Anthropologie sewing kit in a mason jar inspiration.

So pretty, isn't it? They're $48 a piece. Enter surprise look here. Super expensive. But I can totally DIY these.

I thought these would make awesome favors / game prizes for adults in Allie's birthday party. I admit, I had no budget for any game prizes for adults. I blame it on my first attempt to style and DIY a kids' party with literally a handful of kids only. Haha. I got too excited with the decorations. With only a week to go before Allie's party, I realized I needed prizes for adults because most of my guests were adults.

I already had a supplier for the mason jars, and I could have gotten them for about 25 cents each. Can you believe how cheap things are here in the Philippines? Anyway, I decided not to pursue the mason jar bit, as I found a cuter container for my sewing kit favors.

I remembered I had these water lily favor boxes by Martha Stewart saved. I bought them while I was pregnant, and finding them accidentally in my craft cabinet was like finding a hidden Christmas present. Haha!

So I just bought sewing kit necessities (in bulk) sans the scissors -- I couldn't find scissors that were small enough to fit in my boxes. I printed patterns on card stock and used that as the needle and thread organizers. I added a pink tissue paper to make it look nicer.

For about 20 boxes, I only spent about P150 ~ less than $4 (Remember, I already owned the boxes). That's about 20 cents each. Creepily amazing huh?

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  1. hi! where did you buy the pink flowers? so pretty!!

  2. Hi, Bea. They're actually part of the water lily favor box kit by Martha Stewart. I got them at Marshall's in the US more than a year ago -- around $4.99 for a set of 25. I'm not sure if Martha Stewart Crafts still carry them, but check Michael's, I'm sure they have MSC.


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