Monday, March 26

Party: Photobooth Props and Prints

Whew. Now that the party's over, I think I'm going to rest for a day or two. But first, here's a photobooth print from the party:

My little baby was getting sleepy that time, but I think overall she loved the party. I also hired a frozen yogurt food stall, and had Allie have some. Her reaction was priceless. Kakatawa! She had a sour face, but kept on asking for more. Haha.

Did you notice the backdrop? It's the Orla-inspired multi stem pattern and changed the colors to match the theme. I shared with you this freebie pattern a few posts back, but that one's with the actual color combination.

--- oops, I forgot to mention ---
By the way, the props here were made by my sister (except for the pair of star glasses, which was from the photobooth supplier).
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