Monday, December 17

Supplies: Baker's Twine

I've been seeing a lot of baker's twine in craft blogs and Pinterest. I got my own loot from Divine Twine a couple of years back. I got the set of 12 in different colors. They come in 240-yard spools that are 4-ply 100% cotton.

Copyright Divine Twine
I've found a couple of local sources of twine here in the Philippines.

[1] Hey Kessy

Hey Kessy is well-known in the local world of craft bloggers and washi-tape lovers alike. I met Mansy, the owner of Hey Kessy, in one craft class my sister and I attended (rubber stamping). Anyway, her online store Hey Kessy, has cutesie patootsie craft products like washi tapes, paper straws, stickers and twine spools.

Copyright Hey Kessy
Her twine spools come in different colors too. Each spool is 200m, and priced at P550 per spool.

[2] Paper Chic Studio

This one is a brainchild of Apples and Dumplings, a blog that I read often. Her spools are 100 yards each, and made from 3-ply cotton twine. P220 each.

Copyright Paper Chic Studio

Yay! Now I can buy cotton twine anytime!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for blogging about us! Btw, all of our Bakers Twine have 12 strands divided into 3-ply.

  2. Hi. do you sell bakers twine parang pang airmail. blue-red-white combination?
    if you have stocks can i have your contact number?

    1. Hi Sunny. No sorry I don't sell them. But do check out Common Room in Katipunan Ave. or Paper Chic Studio. :)

  3. Hi there! Do you have bakers twine in kraft material? Thanks!


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