Tuesday, December 11

Baby: Allie and Tiny TOMS

I got Allie's TOMS in San Francisco last summer. They were the cutest glittery TOMS! I bought a pair that was a few sizes bigger than what she usually wears that time, because she still had lots of shoes.

Well, that glittery pair turned out to be one of her favorite shoes. She wears them every time. My only problem is that the sparkling glitters falls off easily. I'm so glad we got the silver ones, because the empty spots were white and were not noticeable. But it makes me wonder if the other colors that have glitters fall off too.

Copyright TOMS

Look at how cute these TOMS are on her tiny feet.

She loves walking and running with her TOMS.

Soo sparkly!

Her dress outfit with silver tiny TOMS. Still cute.

Now, my next problem would be which color/pattern/style I should get when Allie outgrows her tiny TOMS ... and that is pretty soon. :)
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  1. Everyone is gaga over Toms here too, love it on Allie - super cute!

    1. Yes, I have a pair too! But only Allie can pull off wearing Toms with a girly dress. Haha! Thanks Vel!


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