Friday, December 28

Stationery Love: Isabel Gatuslao Paper

Let me start by saying that I have a collection of note cards in our house. I bought most of them because they were on sale, but some were received as gifts.

The first Isabel Gatuslao Paper I had was her artichoke wrapping paper. I got it at Kish. I used it last Christmas and I posted about it here. The paper was really thick compared to the wrapping paper you get from the local department stores / bookstores.

When I heard that she was launching note cards, I knew that I was going to get some. I got two boxes of each design. 

The sets came in acrylic boxes adorned with the Isabel Gatuslao logo. All her designs in these sets are black and white, and each one has a patterned back and a black envelope.

Let's go to the designs one by one. I know you're in it now that you saw the whippet up close.

Pero wait lang. I'll show you the other ones first.

Here's the Chevron. Obviously the pattern at the back is chevron. The front reminds me of a shield. Very regal. I am a sucker for chevron patterns, so this is my favorite of the bunch.

The next one was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and is named Pipe. The pattern at the back symbolizes smoke and is inspired by the fret, according to Isabel.

And the whippet called Agador, named after her friend's pet.  It comes with the very appropriate houndstooth pattern. How adorable no?

So much pattern! I am in heaven.

A box doesn't come cheap, but it's not super expensive either. P475 for a set of 10 note cards, 10 black envelopes and 10 seals. 

Just look at how thick each one is.

I can't wait for the next set of designs.

Find them at:

National Book Store Alabang
National Book Store Glorietta 1
National Book Store Greenbelt 1
National Book Store Quezon Avenue
National Book Store Rockwell
National Book Store Shangri-La
Powerbooks Alabang
Powerbooks Greenbelt
Powerbooks Shangri-La
Powerbooks Trinoma
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  1. Nice! I am also into black & white patterns.;)

    1. :) me too. I think they are very classy and elegant.

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Hello. Would you know other stores in Manila that sell well-designed stationery?

    1. Hmm, very few. National, Powerbooks and the stationery specialty stores in malls. I forgot the names, but there's one in Eastwood Cybermall and another in GB5. :)


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