Saturday, July 13

Food: Maple at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing

A long time ago, you can always find me in Shangri-La Plaza at least a day every weekend. My family and I frequented that mall because it's one of the least crowded in the metro (maybe because it's more of a higher end kind of mall). Then I left. When I came back, I heard about the extension called East Wing.

Shangri-La recently opened its newly constructed East Wing. Although most of the stores are still closed (or yet to be rented), there are quite a handful of promising boutiques and restaurants, one of which is Maple.

Maple is owned by the Pancake House Group, and they offer all-day breakfast. And since the hubby and I are both suckers for breakfast food, we couldn't help but stop and try what they had to offer.

Their menu was like a storybook. There's even a story inside that's reminiscent of a childhood fairytale. The place mats were kraft paper printed with the Maple leaf logo die-cut.

Dinner rolls were maple-glazed. Yummy but sticky if you're going to use your bare hands, so use your utensils.

Here's what we had:

* Maple House Salad - Fresh mesclun and vegetables sprinkled with maple glazed pecans and parmesan flakes with a roasted shallot vinaigrette. P375

Maple had me at glazed pecans and vinaigrette. We weren't disappointed. It was delicious.
The vinaigrette was perfectly tangy. The greens were generously provided. I guess my only request? More glazed pecans. Bwahaha.


* Huevos Rancheros - A classic Mexican breakfast made with tortillas, refried beans, grilled chicken and a sunny side up egg, topped with cheese and ranchero sauce. P340

Now this is something my husband really loved. It is what farmer's omelette is to rural Mexico. It's like an open faced chicken burrito. 


* Eggs Benedict - Their signature topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce served with crunch country fries. P315

They serve it with two eggs! So even if it seems expensive, it's worth it. If you're not that hungry, go and share it. It's one of the best eggs benedict I've had. I love the added tater tots with it. 

Will we return? Heck yeah!

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  1. love breakfast food for dinner, I eat this a lot here when we have dinner out! looks promising this one :-)

    1. Breakfast all day is my type of food too. :)

  2. Ang sarap! Is that the same one in San Antonio Plaza?


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