Monday, July 22

Baby: Learning the Alphabet

At 2 years old, Allie already knows the alphabet. She knows each letter and says each one, albeit she can't pronounce them perfectly. She used to mix up M and W, A and V, O and Q. But now, she knows them all. I'd like to think that her alphabet toys helped, but I know that interaction with real people as well as some tech stuff assisted as well.

We got her this alphabet puzzle from Boikido. It is this colorful wooden puzzle that lets the baby put in the letters in the space provided. The letters has marks to point out the right side, and Allie can distinguish them helping her find the right position of the letter.

Similar to this toy is the tablet app called Endless Alphabet. It has a selection of longer words like gargantuan, experiment, and hilarious, and toddlers put in the letters to the right space. While doing so, the 'monster' letters makes the phonetic sound. Then it is followed by a cute and funny animation and defines the word.

Allie also has other interactive alphabet toys like magnet letters, wooden letter blocks, foam letters and Play-doh alphabet molds. So you see, she sees the alphabet everywhere, and she is so familiar with the letters that even while we are out, she blurts out letters as she sees them. Well, she's cute like that -- and I'm one proud mama! :P
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  1. Hi Ging! She's starting to look so much more like you! Pretty na, smart pa! ;-)

    1. Wow thank you for the kind words Rochelle!


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