Wednesday, July 31

Baby: Allie, the Water Baby

Allie slept during the ride to an extended family dinner to celebrate my cousin's birthday at Global City. We were an hour early because it takes about 30 minutes for her to warm up to strangers and new places. She woke up with a bad mood. Talk about little miss grumpy. She wouldn't let anybody carrying her... except her mommy. So yeah, I carried all 30 pounds of her.

As we walked through the overcooled mall at High Street (that end where Jamba Juice is at) towards the restaurant strip outside, Allie just rested her head on my shoulder, and she didn't want to walk at all. When the doors opened to the water fountain area, she almost instantly woke up from her dazed state.

At night, these fountains are lit up with pretty lights that make them look like glowing water.

Allie loved it. Even the daddy.

Oh, she couldn't stop touching the water. Buti nalang medyo mainit nun.

We let her played with the water until it was really time to go. She was soaked so we had to change her clothes. It was a good thing that there was a nearby restroom.

It's amazing what water can do to my little girl. I just really hope that the water in those fountains were clean. Haha.

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