Tuesday, July 30

Design: 2014 Ikea Catalog Picks

I wish Ikea (and the cheap prices) would already arrive in Manila. I know that's a tall order, but anything's possible.

Anyway, the 2014 Ikea catalog is up for download or online browsing. I couldn't help but window shop. Here are my top picks.

01 PALLRA boxes with lids $14.99/set of 4. Laminated cardboard, polyester and paper.

02 KVITTRA boxes with lid $5.99 to $8.99. Painted, laminated cardboard and paper.

These boxes are perfect for little trinkets, maybe photographs, oh and pens! Remove clutter from your bedroom or office with these boxes. I am a sucker for cute boxes, and I'd love to get my hands on these.

03 BJÖRNLOKA FIGUR cushion cover $5.00, 20" x 20". Designed by HC Ericson.

The design is very geometric, and it reminds me of architectural sketches.

04 PROMENAD series dinnerware $3.99 - $4.99 per piece. Classic dinnerware with a unique and playful pattern inspired by hand-painted tiles.

"I was inspired by old hand-painted tiles and architecture with mosaics. The blue color relates back to traditional porcelain, but the motifs are more unexpected. Like the hot air balloon that represents freedom and playfulness. The motifs on PROMENAD are positioned a bit unconventionally. Depending on which direction you look at them from, you see different things in the motifs. The idea is that the plates should work just as well for every day as for parties. Together with both fine wine glasses and breakfast cereal. And spread happiness for many years." - Designer Malin Åkerblom about PROMENAD

05 GRÄDDIG wall decor $19.99 / set of 3. The three wall decorations become a playful and surprising eye-catcher in your home. A different and fun alternative to putting plates or pictures on the walls. You can choose to put the buttons in ordered patterns or a little here and there and rearrange them whenever you like.

06 STUVA storage bench $79.99. Place this at the entranceway and hide your clutter.

What about you, have you seen the catalog yet?
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  1. Nice picks, Ging!

    I really hope they get IKEA here soon. Never got to visit the stores when we were in SG & HK. Di ko mayaya yung 3 to go there e. :(

  2. I have and love your picks too! Did you know there used to be IKEA in the Philippines? My parents got their bedroom set from there, I still remember!

    1. Meron nga? As in an sctual brick and mortar store? Hmm. I hear Ikea is coming but I'm not sure if it comes with the cheap prices.

    2. It wasn't a brick and mortar store, it was a stall in SM. I hope they do, they really have a lot of cool stuff, I always end up over-buying there!


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