Monday, July 8

Design: A Quick Kitchen Before and After

One of my clients asked me to design his studio unit with a limited budget. It was a tiny light blue and some ridiculous pearly cream colored space. Let me show you the kitchen... err... ette. See? I told you it was tiny.

My client wanted space and storage, and to make it more masculine and warm. The pearly cream cabinets with the light blue walls give off an icy, impersonal feeling.

A simple color paint completely changes the mood of the kitchen. Below is a digital look of the kitchen.  I was just playing around with my photo editor real quick so this will have to do.

The cabinets were refinished into this espresso color, and still used the sleek, stainless steel handles. We left the existing black granite countertop; but added  a couple of shelves right below the overhead cabinets to free up some counter space. We removed the breakfast nook to make space for a dining table for four. Finally, the walls were painted this warm mocha color, and the side wall about two shades lighter.

Here is the finished kitchen area.


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  1. the dark color of the cabinets made a whole world of difference, ging! great job! ;)


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