Thursday, July 25

Event: The Design Deets of the Halo Event at Pink Me Up

Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar is a cute little nail spa in Shaw Boulevard at Mandaluyong City. The color theme is pink, grey and white. It's very girly and very dainty (it kind of reminded me of Dainty Mom, whom I met during the Halo event too).

Halo Philippines, the distributor of Halo Sleep Sacks in the country, hosted a sparty event for mommies to spread the Safe Sleep advocacy. Pink Me up is a great place to have intimate private gatherings, like birthday and bridal shower sparties.

I know you want to see the design deets now, so here you go...

The furniture are from Heima. There is also this diyable chandelier that I really want to try. 

That's Ives of Halo Philippines telling us about Safe Sleep. I posted information I learned from Ives on my blog here. Way to go Ives! I loved the way you presented. 

You can spruce up the Pink Me Up space with your own stuff to make the space custom.

You can put up a buffet area too for your guests so they won't go hungry.

I really love the place. I will surely be back!

2D Lee Gardens Condominium,
Shaw Boulevard corner Lee Street
Mandaluyong City, MM
0915-139-2234 * 0947-965-0507 * 02-3582412

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  1. Looking at the place actually reminds me of Martine and you :) soooo dainty!

  2. You have an eye for detail Mommy Ging! Nice pics too! :)


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