Tuesday, February 12

Love: Lego Minifigs

Sometime last year, we went to one of our go-to malls in Buckhead, and we saw that Legoland Discovery Center has occupied what used to be the food court on the top floor. I was super excited but bummed at the same time. Excited because it was something new, but bummed because Allie was still too young to enjoy it.

We decided to go in the store anyway.

I always love to look around Lego sets. I saw these cute minifigs keychains.

Woody --

Buzz --

Captain Jack --

Want some Star Wars minifig keychains?

Anyway, here is an infographic showing interesting facts about Lego minifigs. I want the gold one!
Source visual.ly

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  1. I grew up on LEGOS and I'm a bit "sad" that my kids don't love it as much as I do! In fact, I love it so much I joined the pinboard LEGO love!

    1. No way! I can't believe your boys don't love Lego. Even I grew up playing with my brother's Lego mix. Haha!


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