Wednesday, February 27

Inspiration: Ladders, Ladders, and More Ladders

Ladders are wonderful things. They are useful in the kitchen when you need to get that hard-to-reach Speculoos Cookie Butter in the pantry... or maybe in the library when you want that Pride and Prejudice copy that you placed on the top shelf.

But you know, you can use ladders to decorate an empty space, or repurpose it into something else. Here are some ideas I found on what you can do with ladders.

Just make sure to get bamboo or some wood that resists humidity.
You can do these shelves yourself; it only requires 
at least one ladder, or more of the same kind, and long planks of wood.

Reach your upper cabinets using this library style ladder.
Make use of the vertical stacking space of a stepladder to store books,
lamps and other stuff beside your bed.

Just hang on the wall, and the rungs serve as your dividers.
This ladder becomes thinner at the top; it was installed so that one side was horizontal.

Roll up your sleeves and get an old ladder. This one has step-by-step photos.
Here's another way to repurpose a ladder.

What a lovely way to hang towels. Oh, and did I mention this is eco-friendly?
Use branches from your garden and hang some pail of flowers on each rung.

Got some other ideas? Do share.

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  1. I like the towel & the plant racks.

  2. love the ladder turned bookshelf idea!

  3. i think you pretty much covered it all here ;-)

  4. I love these ladder ideas! :)


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