Wednesday, August 27

Paper Flowers Workshop

My paper flowers workshop in Metro Manila is just around the corner. You can choose to attend either of the two dates -- September 13 or September 20. They're both Saturdays, at 1pm to 4pm. The first workshop will be held at Gourdo's in Bonifcatio Global City, Taguig. The second one will be at World Market down in Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa. If you'd like to know more about it, send me an email at or call Gourdo's 24-hour hotline at +632 812-3022.

I am super excited as this is my first collaboration with Gourdo's and my family knows how much I love that brand especially now that they have craft supplies in their stores.

I've been practicing and perfecting the art of getting color effects on my paper flowers, and yes, I will be teaching how to do those during the workshop and I will be giving a handful of these dyed and bleached paper sheets in the kits too. I tried using my dip-dyed and bleached paper sheets on peonies and camellias, and the result is kinda awesome. I am so in love with paper flowers that my workspace is covered in them.

I made some crepe paper peonies using three different types of technique: plain, dip dyed, bleached. I used plain luxe crepe paper for the cream-colored peony. For the pink peony on the right, I got some plain pink crepe paper that was bleached and then dip dyed. The white, dip dyed in pink, peony on the top left is probably the most "favorited"of the three in my other social media accounts.

For these tissue paper camellias (I think that's what they look like), I used plain tissue paper (purple) and bleached tissue paper.

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Thursday, August 14

Crafts/DIY: Dinosaur / Lizard / Frankenstein Gift Wrap

This week's gift wrap theme is dinosaur-inspired. Well, it turned out like an iguana. Haha. At least they're in the same family of lizards. On second thought, it kinda looks like dino-Frankenstein. Oh well.

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Monday, August 11

Crafts/DIY: Orange Jasmine a.k.a. Kamuning Paper Flowers

I tried my hand on dyeing my own tissue paper for my paper flowers and this is the first time that I used a Philippine flower as inspiration. We have a lot of kamuning plants (or orange jasmine) on the front of our house. I love it when they're in bloom because they really smell good.

A few weeks back, I dyed some tissue paper to give them a little blush. I decided to use this to make my paper kamuning. I know, I know, kamuning flowers are white, but I wanted some pink in it too.

I tried it out on a few flowers first. They turned out cute so I kept going.

Here's a bunch of them.

Now, with leaves.

Small flowers like these are actually a bit more difficult to make than medium-sized ones because of their size, but seeing them all together just makes it worth it. 

Happy Monday!

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Wednesday, August 6

Crafts/DIY: Bumblebee Gift Wrap for Toddlers

Here's another gift wrapping inspiration for you. I made this for Allie's classmate who I hope had a wonderful Bee-day last week. 

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