Tuesday, May 1

Crafts/DIY: Layered Paper Flowers

My sister made the backdrop for Allie's party.

Photo by Resonance Photography

She's the one who made these cute gift toppers last Christmas too.

For Allie's party, she decided to make giant versions of these flowers.

She used large sizes of white vellum cartolina, colored glassine, sheets of art paper and some single-hole paper fasteners.

Photo by Resonance Photography
This is so simple and easy to do. Here's how --

{1} Cut a piece of square from your paper choice. I recommend starting with the thickest one to make it sturdy.

{2} Fold the square in equal parts as so. Play with the cut that you're going to make -- pointed or curvy... experiment.

{3} Unfold it.

{4} Do the same with your other sheets of paper -- glassine or art paper. Here, you can change the size of your square.

{5} Layer them on top of one another from biggest at the bottom, to smallest on top. Rotate them to your liking.

{6} Finish it off with a fastener at the middle.

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  1. I love the flowers and how easy they are to make. Great idea! :D

  2. Thank you Cher! I'm sure you will enjoy making them.

  3. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Love it <3


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