Tuesday, May 8

Food: Pancake Love

About a year or so ago, my family and I went to Nashville, TN to meet up with my nephew. One of his short films was part of the Nashville Film Festival, so we took the opportunity and spent some time with him plus tour around the city.

It was in this quaint city that we discovered Pancake Pantry. It was heavenly full of pancake goodness. They have all kinds of pancakes in their menu -- orange-walnut pancake, potato pancake, georgia peach pancakes, and more. Sorry if I don't have any pictures of the pancakes; I guess we were very hungry back then and ate everything before I realized I needed to take photos.

Here is a roundup of my favorite pancake recipes that you might like too.

{1} Best Buttermilk Pancakes from Martha Stewart
{2} Jam-Filled Pancakes from Williams-Sonoma Kitchen
{3} Almond Poppy Seed Pancakes with Almond Syrup from Cooking Classy
{4} Lemon Ricotta Souffle Pancakes from Sweet Savory Planet
{5} Banana Pancakes with Berries from Martha Stewart
{6} Swedish Pancakes from The Church Cook

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