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Event: Unicef Philippines' Auction for Action Year 2

I was lucky enough to grow up comfortable - always had more than enough to eat, received presents on my birthday, went to school and played with my friends. In my head, I knew that other children weren't as lucky but it really wasn't something I'd think about regularly. What can you expect? I was just a kid and my parents did their best to shelter me from this reality, but it's really not something you can just hide. Back then, I just needed to look out the window of the car I was riding on the way to school and now, to the office.

Of course there are times when I'd be reminded - commercials on TV would urge viewers to donate to this or that charity, fundraising events would be held in school, and church lectures would remind attendees of how lucky we were. 

I've always believed that kids should be protected, and that each one deserves the right to a good quality of life. But I feel more strongly about this ever since I became a mother. I wanted nothing more than my child to grow up healthy and live a life full of opportunities -- to protect her. Call it mommy instinct if you will. I see other children who are not as fortunate, and my heart goes out to them.

I've heard about Unicef and how they reach out and help improve children's lives all over the world, because my parents always get those annual Unicef holiday greeting cards. But honestly, however iconic these greeting cards are, I think they've been already overdone. I am so glad Unicef started to think outside the box to generate buzz and increase funds. Last year, Unicef Philippines started their Auction for Action fundraising event.

I first heard about Auction for Action last year from, the blog of Unicef Special Advocate for Children, Daphne OseƱa Paez. Auction for Action is an online auction that showcases works of Filipino artists and designers. The proceeds benefit Unicef Philippines' programs to better the lives of children in the Philippines as well as worldwide. They raised P1.4 million during the event.

A couple of days ago, I attended the preview of Unicef Philippines' Auction for Action. The event lasted about an hour. There was a short program where Angela and Tomo from Unicef Philippines talked about their mission and their collaboration with Daphne. 

Here is Daphne talking about each item on display. They now have about 80 items to auction off and they target to raise P3 million.

After they talked, everyone was encouraged to take a look around and ask questions if they wanted to. They were all so approachable and so passionate about this program.

There were so many wonderful items that caught my interest. If I had money to spare, I will definitely bid on this amazing Michael Cacnio sculpture called Fly Up. It depicts a young boy holding a bunch of balloons up a ladder. I promise, I will have one someday in my forever house. Just wait and see.

Of course, there's the Daphne chair, which I would love to get for Allie's room, or maybe for me. In the photo  below, you can see the Daphne chair on the left, while Daphne talks about Ito Kish's award-winning Gregoria chair.

Not displayed in the showroom (but will be auctioned off) is another favorite of mine, Kenneth Cobonpue's Bloom chair. Isn't it so pretty? According to Daphne, if you order this Cobonpue piece from the store, you have to wait a while. My husband and I joked it was because you have to wait for it to bloom. Haha. But seriously, if you win the auction for this piece, you only wait while it is being shipped to you.

There are so many other beautiful stuff like jewelry, furniture, and bamboo bikes. Yes, bamboo bikes! I will try to share some photos with you before the auction becomes live on October 1, 2012. Unicef Philippines' Auction for Action is open to everyone. What's good about this event is even if you live abroad, you can still participate in the auction, and get that coveted designer piece while you help raise funds for Unicef. Now that's a win-win for everyone.

The auction can be accessed October 1-7, 2012 through

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  1. this is great!!!! I feel the same way when ti comes to kids, hence when I went to medicine, i didn't even think of any other specialy than pediatrics. I love going to work everyday because I get to help and be with kids all the time!

    Anyhow, I believe in Unicef and it's mission. Being more fortunate now, I try to donate as often as I can when they send out those envelopes. But this auction is great!!! I want that scultpure too! Hopefully, I can win a piece or two - the Kenneth Cobonpue chair is adorable, all his furniture pieces are, but I don't think it will be easy to ship! Good luck to us!!!

    1. Vel, there will be jewelry pieces too like this beautiful gold South Sea pearls necklace (I'll post photos next time). You might be interested and want to add to your growing collection. *wink* Small to have shipped! Hehe.

    2. Ok, i would love an artwork too!!!! Thanks!


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