Tuesday, September 18

Shopping: Happy Stuff

So we started this small, online store called Project Happy. We have a collection of carefully curated items that we find cool or adorable, and we only sell products that we love ourselves. Right now, we only have 3 collections available online, but it will be appended every week with new products. So, like Project Happy's page to know more about ordering and see new products.

Watch out for our upcoming collections Happy Baby, Happy Gizmos, Happy Clothes -- soon!

Here are my favorites:

Envelope Clutch, in Slate

Scarf, in Rainforest

Brass necklace, in Origami

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  1. Where's the super like button, sis? :)

    1. Hi, Em! Go na and like Project Happy's facebook page to know about our exciting products each week. :)


    2. Already did :)
      Will share your fb page, too :)


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