Wednesday, September 12

Face: Olay's Pro-X

"Your face needs brushing, too." I have heard this line too many times, and I decided to try it. I was talking to a friend about aging gracefully, and how I would want my skin to not have wrinkles for as long as it takes.

For years, I have been using Clean & Clear's Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub. I love how it leaves a cool feeling on my face. I use it daily, and so far, I have no problems with it. I started dreading wrinkles and I felt I'm not doing enough. Yes, I put a little moisturizer now and then when my face feels tight. I use Olay Total Effects.

Then, I was contemplating to buy Clarisonic. I was hesitant though because I wasn't sure how my skin will react to face brushing (for lack of a better term), and $100+ to shell out for a product that I might hate is not something I had in mind. I wanted to try Pro-X, since our family uses Olay all the time. I figured that for a fraction of Clarisonic's price, it is a good start.  A good friend No, scratch that -- a great friend gifted me with Olay's Pro-X. She's been raving about it. She said it was better than Neutrogena's Wave. 

I tried it, and I am liking it! The box comes with the Pro-X cleansing system, a starter Pro-X exfoliating renewal cleanser, and get this -- batteries! Don't you just love how battery-operated things come with free, ready-to-use batteries already? Although, I had a hard time opening the cover to put the batteries in. I had to ask my husband to take the cover off. I guess that's good because the thing is water-resistant -- and that means you can use it in the shower.

The Pro-X system also comes with this replaceable cleansing brush. I love how the bristles of the brush is soft on my face. The brush rotates, and you choose from 2 speeds. The cleanser has some kind of microbeads that's similar to the texture of iodized salt. I like it too. 

What beauty product did you try recently?
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  1. i have this one too but it's my hubby who uses it more than me! hehehe! :-)

    1. lol. I think when my husband discovers how good the Pro-X is, he'll like it too. :P Right now, we share facial scrubs (Clean and Clear). He can't go one day without it. In his own words, it makes his face squeaky clean. Hahaha!

    2. Hah! so funny! My hubby uses that too before bedtime!!!!!!! aaagggh, he's gonna kill me blurting out all this stuff over the web! :-)

  2. How much for the whole system?

    1. Peachy, it's about $22 if you order from Amazon. I'm not sure though if S&R carries it. I haven't been in S&R for the longest time. Clarisonics run above $100.


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