Wednesday, September 5

Food: My Experience at Slice in High Street

It was one fine Saturday morning, and we decided to try out Slice at High Street for lunch. We sat al fresco to enjoy the fountain view at High Street. I am so glad they built this. It reminded me of Atlanta's Centennial Park Fountains and Downtown Disney. No kids playing around though. It felt so lonely without screaming kids in their swimwear.

Slice is just right next to Jamba Juice. There was a cool breeze while we were there. So we figured we'd stay outside.

The waiter took our food orders, and we waited forever until my pasta arrived. It took 20 minutes after the pasta for my drink to arrive. I mean come on. How long can you blend a watermelon cucumber slush? I knew right then that the overall service was going to be poor.

When my drink came, the waitress apologized for the long wait because our waiter took a break. Do you think that that is a valid excuse? My husband's food was not even out yet. He ordered the Philly Cheese Steak.

When she brought out the sandwich, she asked if there was anything else we needed. I can't believe they forgot my husband's drink. His Rocky Road drink came out 10 minutes later. They charge a mandatory 10% service charge for this kind of service, too. But I let it go, because the food was good. The service charge, in my head, should only be meant for the chef/s.

I wanted to order dessert, but I did not want to wait another 20 minutes for someone to get it from their display. Sigh. Lots of good desserts to try out too. Sayang. It was a bad Slice experience for me and my husband. I guess that's what we get for sitting outside. We don't get noticed.

Is it bad that I didn't leave a tip? I just felt that they didn't deserve it. I give generous tips pa naman.

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  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    It's not bad. Normal lang yan for bad service! Sanay ka lang sa states for giving 15% ba? Thanks for this review, I won't try it there. haha! -sasa

    1. The food's good naman. Just don't expect great service. :p

  2. don't feel bad, they apologized and probably knew they weren't getting any. too bad, the food did look good though.

    1. The food was good. I was just disappointed about the service they gave us. :)


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