Friday, September 7

Crafts/DIY: Upgrading a $5 Mirror

Are you familiar with these $5 mirrors? They are made of plastic moulding, thin mirror, and backed with kraft paper. That cheap. I bought one because I really needed an inexpensive, full length mirror.

Here it is in all its $5 glory.

[1] I put 2 D-rings at the back like what I did in this easy fabric wall decor DIY. You can get these from your hardware or craft store. They should be in the framing supply section.

[2] Tie a thick pretty fabric ribbon on the D-rings to the length you want. Do this before you tie the bow on top. This will make it easier for you.

I had 1" twill ribbon waiting to be used. I got it from a Pottery Barn purchase I made way back. I always keep the pretty ribbons that come free with my purchases.

[3] Tie a bow on top using the same fabric ribbon.

[4] Hang it and admire it from a distance.

Not bad for a $5 mirror huh?

Here is the twill ribbon up close.

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  1. super cute upgrade mommy g! Hmmm, have just the mirror to do this project for. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Great! I would love to see it!


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