Monday, September 10

Food: Iloilo Treats

When my sister came back from Iloilo for a business trip, she got us some yummy goodies.

She gave us some cookies from Mama's Kitchen -- mango chewies and tsokolate pinipig crunchies. She did not know how good they were, so she only bought one of each.

These mango chewies are the best! They are as chewy as butterscotch, and they have yummy dried mango bits. It makes me want to go to Iloilo just to buy them. Have you seen some in Metro Manila?

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  1. Mango chewies are indeed the best! There's a stall in Market!Market supermarket (so redundant, hehe) that sells them and Biscocho House products as well. I'm kinda disappointed when I found out kasi it's no longer a "special pasalubong" from Iloilo since you can buy it in Manila. :)

    1. Nooo! Don't be disappointed. Be happy for us folks who don't have anyone in Iloilo who can bring us mango chewies. Hehe! Thank you for the info. I'm going to Market! Market! tomorrow to get some stat!


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